Microsoft continues GTA IV push as 360 outsells PS3

Microsoft continues to claim Xbox 360 as the platform of choice for Rockstar's forthcoming Grand Theft Auto IV, following March NPD data that showed the PlayStation 3 was outsold by Microsoft's system.

In a statement following the release of independent sales figures, Microsoft claimed that consumers see the Xbox 360 as the "chosen place" for GTA IV.

"Whether it's the results of online polls or data from pre-sells, consumers have made it clear that the benefits of Xbox Live and exclusive access to GTA IV episodic content are making Xbox 360 the chosen place to play GTA IV," said the company.

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BigKev453893d ago

The 360 is the version to pick up.

MrWonderful3893d ago

in your opinion my friend.

Harry1903893d ago

if you have a 360.But it could be different some other people.
So,this phrase does not really mean anything.

theKiller3893d ago

and if by any chance i buy GTA4 then that will be the ps3 version because am planning to play other great games other than GTA4!

Shadow Man3893d ago

U go ahead and wait for gt5.. while I wait for Dead Rising 2 and Bioshock 2 exclusive to the 360 ;P

DomUltra3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Your that sure Bioshock 2 and Dead Rising 2 are exclusive? Hahaha.

hazeblaze3893d ago

Dead Rising 2 will not be an exclusive, Capcom is not making exclusives for either system. Bioshock 2 is not likely to be an exclusive if Take Two gets bought out... which seems like it will happen after GTA IV releases.... of course that means that GTA5 would not be exclusive either though.

At any rate, I'm buying the PS3 version.

Ghoul3893d ago

@ shadow i dont wanna crush your dreams but bioshock is mostlikly to come to ps3 aswell (pc 100%)
dead rising 2 will come to ps3 too as allready said.

solar3893d ago

Bioshock 1 was not exclusive...i have it loaded on my PC right now. MS needs to button up hits like Bioshock was for its console ONLY and not for PC also.

Spinner3893d ago

Microsoft is seriously turning into the Sony everyone hated in 2006.

HighDefinition3893d ago

when are they talking about?

early 2007?

fenderputty3893d ago

No ... he's talking about the 360 selling more then the PS3 in NA for the month of March by a whopping 5000 units. You see, those 5000 units means everything this PR guys is saying. lol

Funny thing is no one but us internet gaming whores reads this stuff. He ain't fooling any of us either.

Storm233893d ago

Yeah, I love how they keep boasting that they outsold the PS3 in March. Cool by 5000 in the US and they got outsold total in the world.

I mean, get GTA4 for whatever system you want, but saying they outsold the PS3 is just not a true fact.

I don't care what console you own, GTA4 will be fun.

nitramn4g3893d ago

for stating your personal opinion! mmmmm I think most of the users here or sony fanboys, I'm not sure.

Jinxstar3893d ago


A personal opinion is followed up by imho or imo or in my opinion. not "it is the choice" That is not an opinion that is a fact and the truth is it is not a fact so get your facts straight.

WAR_MACHINE773893d ago

He has 55 disagrees because he's not stating that as his opinion. He's trying to state it as fact and frankly its not.

juuken3893d ago go pick that up. I'll be picking up the PS3 version thanks. I'll be buying from the WINNING SIDE.

LastDance3893d ago

[email protected] isnt the whole point of the agree/disagree button to show whether you ...agree or disagree with the comment?

wallace10003893d ago

Nitra could have worded it better but it does seem that it is true that there are far more sony fans (note i said fans, not fanboys because they are different) on this site than 360/Wii/DS/PC fans.

Bubble Buddy3892d ago

Fact: If GTA4 didn't come on 360 all 360 ppl would hate on it.

wallace10003892d ago

I am sorry but i have to strongly disagree. If it wasn't coming out on the 360 why would i hate it? Fanboys hate things that aren't on the console they own and i am not one of them. Do i hate MGS4 or Warhawk? No.

wallace10003892d ago

Maybe people should start posting intelligent rebuttals instead of just pressing the disagree button because a trained chimp could do that.

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Real gamer 4 life3893d ago

I am tierd of microsoft and their pr personal. Please STFU microsoft, all this trash talking is going to get them nowhere. He talkign about the consumers have made choice about which is the console of choice for gta please, my god They havent even advertise the EXCLUSIVE downloable content that they have been praising about for the last couple of months. so the average joe doesnt know about them, therefore it wont help them reach the mass market. Sony doesnt need television advertisement for gta because everybody in europe knows that it also coming for the ps3, from the hardcore to the casual. Sony has the bundle and in store advertisement.

ukilnme3893d ago

I agree that it has gotten old real quick but if you are so tired of it just stop reading and posting about it.

Ghoul3893d ago

jup agree

i totally enjoyed my 360 but what ms is pulling the last days looks like someone is scared like hell. They do know how to do theyre job, but i cannot understand why they do it on that immature level.

ranting about the 5 min instal on the ps3 ? claiming that gamers allready chose the 360 as theyre plattform ? NOT advertising the dlc, but instead mumbling something about the "ultimate experience"

someone needs to reopen the marketing job position at ms

hazeblaze3893d ago

It seems to me that Microsoft is in a panic. They spent $50M on their exclusive content and this is their last big push...

Still, I think they will sell more copies purely for the fact that they do have a vastly larger install base in the U.S. still. I'm just not sure what victories they think this will win them... it's obviously not helping them to sell any more consoles.

crck3893d ago

Thats what like 2% more? The margin of error for a good poll is 3% which is what NPD data is, just a poll of some retailers. They are really bragging about nothing. Its is kind of sad. But I admit the 360 version of GTA 4 is the version to get IF you are already paying for Live AND you have confidence that your 360 won't crap out during a 50 hr game. My answer to both of those questions is no.

SUP3R3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

I can't believe how big their heads have gotten since the 5000 NPD sales difference in March.

Through all the NPD charts in Jan and Feb Sony simply stated their pleased with the current momentum and look forward to continued success, while Microsoft is acting like it was a 50,000 difference and making a bunch of asinine comments.

They really are making themselves look foolish right now, like they struggled to achieve that 5000 difference.
If they don't fix their attitude and line-up this year, they're going to be served a big hot piece of humble pie at the end of 2008....mark my words.

rogimusprime3893d ago

what version anyone buys? It might have some episodic content, but there's no way to know how good it will be until it's released.

If you had both systems, it would be smarter to buy it for PS3, since there is ALWAYS the chance your XBOX could RROD.

disagree if you wan't to, I own both systems and don't give a damn.

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Neurotoxin3893d ago

Generally speaking i never get around to finishing any GTA`s as i`m to busy blowing sh!t up... Then i get bored and only pick it up to blow yet more stuff up. DLC means diddly squat to me, even if i had a 360 that would be the case.

PS3 is the version for me......... Lol mainly because i have one :P.

GTA is associated with Playstation, unless Microsoft can quash that this time around.

It will be an interesting month in the console `war`, i wonder which one will come out on top. Do i actually care? Nope, but its funny reading all the articles about people that clearly do.

hazeblaze3893d ago

That's why I'm going with the PS3 version personally. I don't play my 360 as much anymore & in the case that I get rid of it, I want to keep GTA IV. Plus, it just seems like a playstation game to me.

The episodic content really doesn't mean anything to me b/c I've never finished a GTA game as is... plus we don't even know what we're getting with the episodic content AND it's not free anyway... so I'll pass on the 360 version.

ruibing3893d ago

I already preordered it for my PS3 from Newegg for $57 with free 3-day shipping.

vloeistof3893d ago

well on the most populair radio station in holland radio 538 there promoting gta like crazy and 360 with it .

its like gta iv .

jump in xbox 360

and in mediamarkt( big store)

if you buy a 360 and halo you get gta iv for free.

Vip3r3893d ago

They're certainly milking the advert of here. I saw about 10 last night which is a lot considering game adverts are pretty rare.