GameStop ad (10/2 - 10/8)

Take a look at the deals and offers from this week's GameStop ad, which includes Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell for $40.

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MNGamer-N1813d ago

Very tempted to go pick these up now. My wife is goona kill me. Maybe I should hide them somewhere so she doesn't notice.

3-4-51813d ago

Ok now THIS is a decent deal.

I Missed out on a lot of GBA games and almost all the Wii games so a Wii or DS lite would be nice.

I'd almost rather put that $50 towards a Vita or Wii U though as I already have a 3DS, and with Wii U, I can play wii games as well.

Still, a really good deal. They took like $20-30 off these things.