Isn't it about time the Vita had some appreciation?

The Playstation Vita is Sony's second full fledged handheld gaming unit. When it was first announced and revealed, many people were pleased with the design. People were even more pleased with the initial price tag. However, when the competition lowered their price, suddenly the same masses that were happy with the price retorted with the complaint of the price was too high. However, in the past year, many things have changed with the Vita that make the system worth a second look. And more importantly, worth the respect it rightfully deserves

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MastaMold1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Well written article, author knows what he's talking about clearly owns a Vita from what was written.

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Concertoine1693d ago

Vita has always had respect, just not sales.

jujubee881693d ago

It's a damn good system. Still the best purchase I've made for a gaming device and I'm two years in. It's fantastic!

TongkatAli1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

From people who own it, yeah. From people who don't own it, hell no!

I've seen a lot of folks talk crap about it and then say "get a 3DS" all the time. I bet in Japan for the Vita its a lot worse the making fun of it. You can tell the difference from 3DS and Vita sales

Your comment is such bullshit, sorry, don't mean to offend you, but the Vita gets trolled more then the Wii U and that is saying a lot.

Its always by non owners though. Which is sad cause at least own it before you gonna do the compare and contrast thing.

thehobbyist1693d ago

I own both and what I have to say is: If you have to choose, I recommend the 3ds. Don't get me wrong the Vita is a fantastic system. It's just currently lying dormant for it's opportunity to strike.

Hicken1692d ago

Vita's had the respect of gamers, specifically those that owned one.

Outside of that, though, far too many have perpetuated that it's too expensive, or had not enough games to justify a purchase. And even though the latter has changed and the former never existed, people are STILL saying the same damn thing.

And it's not targeting the massive market that the 3DS is, so literally NO ONE should be expecting the same level of sales. Yet some people are, apparently, and are using the fact that it's not doing as well to support their claim of it not being as good.

It's something of a vicious cycle, but only because people will use misconceptions to support their misconceptions.

And while I say "people," it mostly means fanboys.

OrangePowerz1693d ago

It's a shame the Vita doesn't sell like it should as it is a great device that has great games.

Protagonist1693d ago

"No matter what games come out for it, there will always be those that will hang onto their excuses."