Author and Red Storm Entertainment co-founder Tom Clancy has passed away

VG247:Author and co-founder for video game developer Red Storm Entertainment Tom Clancy passed away today in a Baltimore hospital at age 66.

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THC CELL1748d ago

Rip, loved rainbow six.

NYC_Gamer1748d ago

The early Rainbow/Ghost Recon/Splinter cell games were pure quality...R.I.P MR Clancy

egidem1748d ago

Rip :(.

Why is it that the good ones go while the bad ones stay?

TrevorPhillips1748d ago

Oh no such tragic, he was a great author on Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and so forth. R.I.P Tom, my sympathy goes out to your family. God rest your soul

Vic_Mackey1748d ago

He didn't write Splinter Cell or Ghost Recon

OhReginald1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

or end war

or H.A.W.X.

or the division

Mikefizzled1748d ago

Whilst he may not of had much involvement in the later games his books were still a blast to read. RIP good sir.

NBT911748d ago

The later games still wouldn't have come to be without him.
Sucks. I liked his novels, they're not the kind of thing I would choose to read but I respected them for what they were and still found them enjoyable.

Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon though, love those games!

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The story is too old to be commented.