Battlefield 4 - This Is What Happens When You Stay Inside The Collapsing Building

DSOGaming writes: "The collapsing skyscraper is one of the most - visually - impressive things of Battlefield 4. Okay okay, it's not like we've never seen a collapsing building before, but it does look sexy. Have you ever wondered though what happens when you're inside that building while it's collapsing? Well, time to find out. YouTube's member 'TerryxMasters' shared this amazing video, showing off what exactly happens when players are inside the collapsing building."

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mhunterjr1693d ago

Instead of insta-death, they player should live in free-fall, until struck by debris or hitting the ground. That would be more impressive.

theXtReMe11693d ago

I agree with you. It would've been really cool to be able to just watch yourself go down until a chunk of something hit you or you hit the ground. Still, very cool physics.

ShinMaster1693d ago

Yeah, that was lame. It looks like the player just passes out.

Wasted opportunity IMO.

MWong1693d ago

I think if you're on top of the skyscraper you should be able to free-fall, instead of the black hole effect.

webeblazing1693d ago

Yeah that would of been vicious. Like the last transformers when the building collapse. If they had those physics wit players sliding down jumping out the window while shooting da would of made me slow clap

qzp1693d ago

Kill switches are lame.

sigfredod1693d ago

Actually that was lame the building began to colapse and the body just stay on the same spot? not even move with the bulding!!!

parentoftheyear1693d ago

I love battlefield more than most and this is very crummy. I was excited to watch the video then was like what??

RedDeadLB1693d ago

Completely unsatisfactory.

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The story is too old to be commented.