PS4’s Underlying Architecture Will Only Become Relevant When It Will Be Pushed – Ronimo Games

GB: "We recently spoke to the co-founder of Ronimo Games, Jasper Koning, whose company is developing Awesomenauts for the PlayStation 4, about the significance of the console's unified architecture."

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TheLyonKing1631d ago

True but it is the same with every console cycle, you look at the games when the ps3 first came out and how they are now. It is a huge diffrence.

pedrof931631d ago


Like the original Uncharted to the third oneor even TLOUS.

Is more then 200% graphical difference.

Software_Lover1631d ago

Where in the hell did you pull that number from?

Nevermind....... I think I know

webeblazing1631d ago

This has got to be the greatest response ever lmao

pedrof931631d ago


I meant that it looked way better :D

vigilante_man1631d ago

Ignore them. Everyone who has played the 3 uncharted games know what you mean and the difference is great. Saying that, I played Drakes Fortune again the other week and it is still a great looking game.

There are some exceptions to the rule. MGS4 did some amazing tricks and even up to a year ago it still looked amazing. It may be slightly fading in today's efforts but what a great first attempt. It shows if you spend the right amount of time, energy and brilliance a great game will always be a great game!

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saber000051631d ago

Hm, meaning that the PS4 will have a LONGER lifespan than what Microsoft and xbox fans have been saying... Interesting..

schubacca1631d ago

At this point, I am tired of what anyone has been saying. I want these fine systems to be released and to play some games.

Balance, Cerny, CU cores, TFLOPS, I simply do not care at this point.

Is one more powerful than the other? Odds say yes and good for them.

Now, let us play Forza 5, Drive Club, Second Son, TitanFall...

theXtReMe11631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

This article really didn't say anything we didnt already know. With any console, if you push it to it's limits you're going to get the absolute best performance out of it. The problem is, as Ubisoft just said in a recent article, it doesn't make financial sense to push the limits of one console and not another when people are going to be playing the exact same game anyways.

So the only time you ever get that push is when a first party developer makes a game for the system or a third-party is paid to do so. Doesn't really seem fair in the scheme of things, but there is nothing we can do but speak with our wallets when it happens. Unfortunately the vocal majority will not do that. They will bitch and moan but still be first in line to buy the game.

Good thing is, games are getting to the point now that they are starting to mimic reality. I imagine with the next generation after this one we will be very close to reaching it. When we do, there will be no excuse. Then it becomes a matter of world simulation and lighting. Which is what developers are touching on now with the next generation of hardware. Imagine being able to walk into any house or building in GTA five. Imagine being able to hold a conversation with an NPC that has nothing to do with the game and them remembering that conversation the next time you see them, almost like one of your real-life friends.

That is what gaming is going to come down to at some point. When it does, the developers have nothing but story to craft. It will boil down to what Hollywood boils down to, and that is story and plot lines. Only then will Games catch up to Hollywood blockbuster films and, I believe, destroy the film industry. Would you rather go see a film that you have no interaction with? Or would you rather play a game that looks exactly like the film that you have control over?

It will be interesting to see in the next 20 years what happens with both gaming and the film industry. That being said, I am very excited for the PS4 and the next generation of gaming.

thehitman1631d ago

Well.. the thing with Sony about having better hardware than the competition is that they actually have developers, who will utilize this and produce on a consistent basis. The purpose of buying 1 console over the other is for the unique things one offers over the other. Obviously not all 3rd party games will utilize this power but Sony has a record for their first party showing tremendous results. Also the gap between the games we will see at launch and the end of this gen I believe will be much larger than last gen. Probably more representing the gap between PS2 launch games and the end of the cycle. Developers only had like 4-5 months for the most part to deal w/ the specs they were given and if your a multiplatform developer your stretched between learning multiple designs I dont even have confidence that BF4 will be optimized properly and that w/e the final product looks like will be 70% of what it couldve ran at.

Ju1631d ago

Engine developers will optimize sooner or later. I can understand if that's not the case with release games, but other than political reasons there is actually nothing - not even the budget - which wouldn't allow one platform perform differently than the other if there is significant headroom in one than the other. And this time around this is certainly the case.

Unfortunately political reasoning will outweigh technical ones once again.

On the positive side, this will loosen up certainly based on how each console sells.

thehitman1630d ago

I dont believe political reasons will have anything to do with 1 version not being better than the other. I just thinks it comes down to whether someone will spend enough time mastering the hardware and optimizing their engines for it. Developers are pressured by the publishers to meet goals and timings when those are met they usually dont have time for anything else and if they didnt have time to fully optimize it wont be done regardless of whether they can or can not do it.

Thats why PC games get driver packages after the game is released and patches are continually done for optimization. PC gamers seem to always gloss over the fact that their games have shitastic optimization and games get riddled w/ graphical issues even on the best cards.

Ju1630d ago

It sure is linked to the commercial success of a title. Unfortunately this means, a publisher needs the support of the platform holder - unless the numbers are so striking that games sell themselves. And yes, the pressure is on, but devs can if they "sell" it right. You always can if you wrap it right. Especially if performance can give you an advantage over the competition (other games). This competition has to come from titles on the same platform.

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Pancit_Canton1631d ago

Can't wait to see next gen. Uncharted and GOW on 1080p and 60Fps resolution. ahem *UNLEASH THE KRAKEN*

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