Wind Waker HD drowns during first week on sale in Japan, worst debut in series history

Nintendo released Wind Waker HD in Japan last week and it debuted to the series worst opening week sales ever.

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majiebeast1818d ago

Hey atleast it sold better then the W101, thats something right?

Concertoine1818d ago

Unfortunately its really not.
Im not surprised at the sales, windwaker is one of the worst selling 3d zeldas, if not the worst, and its also an hd remake, which japan doesnt buy.

zeal0us1818d ago

I'm pretty sure it will sell better in US and EU.

mii-gamer1818d ago

still unfortunately, but zelda hasn't exactly been popular with the Japanese market, the series has resonated well with the west and i suspect this is where the game will perform decently

sephx221818d ago

ok when a Zelda game does bad in sales that's when you know you've made a bad console.

lilbroRx1818d ago

That is a huge leap in logic. Zelda has never done well in Japan, and this console has considerably smaller install base than the previous on top of most people having played Wind Waker already.

You are just make a generalization to bash the Wii U.

This isn't a new game, its an upgrade of an old one. Remind me how much Z.O.E. and DMC HD collections sold again?

sephx221817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Never knew zelda was unpopular with the Japanese, well lets see those NA sales then.

ChickeyCantor1818d ago

Does this include eShop purchase though?
It's a shame, zelda never really sold much compared to EU/VS in japan.

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The story is too old to be commented.