Grand Theft Auto V Single Player Review | Awesome Games

Mike from Awesome Games writes: 'The return to Los Santos was a decision that I was definitely on the fence about. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was without doubt my favourite title in Rockstar Games’ magnificent franchise and that had a lot to do with the setting; the fact that I could roam around what was basically a small scale copy of Los Angeles was something I was extremely taken with. This made me wonder if the series’ revisit to San Andreas might not live up to my expectations and sully my many fond memories of it. This worrying feeling was gloriously lifted from me after about 6 seconds of playtime. As I raced through the streets of downtown Los Santos in a stolen supercar while listening to ‘West Coast Classics’, I stopped to cast my gaze across the sun-kissed Vespucci Beach – it felt like I was home again.'

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