Call of Duty: Ghosts – from the outside looking in - VG247 Xbox One preview

Call of Duty: Ghosts’ twitch reflex world tests Stace Harman as he braves multiplayer to learn about squads, assault packages and Riley the dog’s penchant for mauling baddies.

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MikeNike3101697d ago

Considering all the rage hate Call of Duty gets from gamers im actually ashamed to say I actually enjoy this franchise. It may be because i've only been playing it for a couple of years but I do enjoy it and cant wait to play ghost. Just cant figure out if I want to go x360/x1 or ps3/ps4

RickHiggity1696d ago

I like it too. But when we're transitioning into a new console generation and the game still looks the same, gamers are going to have some issues.

Eonjay1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

The title is misleading. Xbox One wasn't mentioned in this article once. Only PS4 and PS3. Xbox One was listed in a tag at the bottom of the article, but I thought from the title that this would give insight or images, or video of the Xbox One version.

corvusmd1696d ago

I like it too, but I admit with how cheap and "skill-less" MW2 and 3 were, I had given up on IW making COD and was going to stick with Treyarch seems like the Treyarch ones take MORE skill atleast and reward less cheap tactics. I was gonna skip ghosts, but the more I see of it, actually the more that I want it. Now as far as which system you prefer, that's up to you, but for playing this (or any game for that matter) online...XB1 all the way. It's not even a competition really. XB1 has confirmed that ALL games will have dedicated servers to use at a very very cheap price, and that it'd be solely up to the developer. However, this game specifically confirmed very early that it would take full advantage of dedicated servers on XB1, but refuses to say anything about PS4 (because there aren't any easy/cheap to use dedicated servers for PS4). Online play, simple decision, if you only want to play SP, well then I can't help's up to your preference.

MikeNike3101696d ago

I currently play both online with no lag so i dont know. i guess it will come down to which one is better graphically. If its too close to tell then i will go xbox since they get the dlc first.

1696d ago