GTA 5 multiplayer still not completely playable more than 24 hours later

XMNR: After just over 24 hours from Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer launch Tuesday, GTA Online appears to be playable for some PS3 and Xbox 360 owners but still not 100 percent.

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GamerzElite1813d ago

Same things happened to Max Payne 3 Multiplayer.

malokevi1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

They warned us. How is it ridiculous? R* said the rollout might take a couple weeks to get right. How can any company adequately and realistically prepare for an influx of millions of players logging in from across the globe?

Simple answer: they can't. If you expect this has an easy, quick fix solution... then you expect too much. I haven't even bothered yet. I'll probably give it a try tonight... and be pleasantly surprised if I'm met with positive results.

People need to be patient. This is a massive undertaking, and they warned you ahead of time that it would be choppy. Go play the campaign if you're so strung out about it.

Tooly1813d ago

idc bout nun you just said. They warned us yeah ,but we warned them when we brought the game all that money they made of consumers was their WARNING.

3-4-51813d ago

Yes it's very playable, so playable in fact that I spent 4 straight hours on GTA online yesterday and had a really fun time playing online.

Just because you can't get on, doesn't mean that is how it is for everyone.

Your problem is your problem, not my problem.

I know that sounds mean, but the distinction needs to be made.

People act like it's completely failing because THEY had a bad experience with it, as if THEIR experience is all that matters in this world. another game for a few hours or days or something.

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GarrusVakarian1813d ago

Its working completely fine since a few hours ago.

Im on PS3 too. Forums were buzzing around 2 hours ago with news of it working.

24 hours after release and the majority of issues are sorted? Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Queasy1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

It's a mixed bag. Some are reporting that they are getting on and playing fine. Some are reporting that they are getting on but have super long waits trying to find people to play with and some are reporting that they can't get on at all.

Even worse, some are reporting that the game is deleting their online character.

HeyImBen111813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Its working, but definity not fine. Horrible long loadingtimes, some bugs and issues. And sometimes i still get kicked and can't rejoin.

abusador1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Not impressive at all, most games are actually semi playable within the first day, yet this one was unplayable. Uncharted 2 and 3 mp was not delayed at all and had minor bugs but they were completely enjoyable day one!!!! as were so many other games!!! Giving rockstar a pass is ridiculous especially since they hit us with that waiting two weeks bs!!!! and that didnt help at all!!!


Bsssss When GTA5 mp went online thw whole of north america was in school or at work at 7 a.m.

Besides that you have games like COD sell a gazzilion and mp was playable day one, so whats your point? i dont even remember the last time i couldnt get into a launch mp game day one!!!! Sorry ou may give free passes but Rockstar doesn't get one on this.

4logpc1813d ago

The amount of people playing uncharted 2 and 3 combined is still nowhere near GTA online.

XB1_PS41813d ago

@4logpc That's undeniably true. The disagrees mean nothing.

Ripsta7th1813d ago

Hell nooo!! GtaO is a multiplat, way more people than Uncharted 2/3. In its first week it sold a billion didnt it?? Imagine how many people around the world are trying to play this

GarrusVakarian1813d ago

Yeah but most games don't set online world record numbers..............this game is bigger than any call of duty ever made.

MysticStrummer1813d ago

More people bought GTA5 in one week than bought UC2 and UC3 combined when they launched.

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wickedthumbz1813d ago

Only 2 people from my crew of 56 were able to actually play so far. Now with the 2nd day we are so far behind it's no longer going to be as fun as it was supposed to be. SMH Epic Fail.

MysticStrummer1813d ago

"Its working completely fine since a few hours ago."

I still can't play, 3 hours after your comment.

GarrusVakarian1813d ago

Yeah seems to be that now that its later on in the day and more people are coming back from work, the servers are under stress again. Sucks.

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claud31813d ago

People should stop freaking complaining over this... It can not be fixed within a single day, because it is a lot of people trying to get on

So stop

abusador1813d ago

You make no sense, according to Rockstar they delayed the game two weeks so online mp could be ready, it was not ready and if anything was worse than most mp game launches that release mp portion when we buy retail version!!!!

claud31813d ago

So you more or less saying, it should have been perfection within them two weeks

What lies

You can not surely think this

abusador1813d ago


Learn how to read and dont put your own fanboy spin on things. It should have been playable!!!!! which is has not been. Nowhere did i say it should be perfect, smh.

I made two posts on this topic and nowhere did i say it should be perfect but after two weeks wait it should be playable.

wickedthumbz1813d ago

Not only did they take an extra 2 weeks but they also pushed the initial release of the game back 2 months. So some of the issues if not all should have been resolved.

Rockstar dropped the ball big time and instead of admitting to it they are blaming US for supporting THEM.

For the 2 weeks that they were "getting ready" for this release they have only talked about how to charge us money for in game stuff. Like Money, and DLC.

Audiggity1813d ago

@ WickedThumbz! My friend! Good to see you again :)

For the record - the game was delayed for 4 months and the delay may have had nothing to do with multiplayer.

Also, everyone keeps mentioning the 2 week gap... as if it is some sort of massive amount of time to prepare for something of this magnitude. One thing you all forget is that the delay was largely intentional, and had less to do with the technical issues we are seeing now. Quotes from Dan Houser in an interview below, because, facts are much better to leverage than uneducated opinions:

"Houser said another reason that GTA Online didn't ship with GTA 5 is because they want to make sure gamers are prepared to invest a bit more time in their initial plunge into Rockstar's online world.

"I think we were concerned that some of our previous games, while they still had a very fun multiplayer component to them, it was almost like it was being cannibalized by the enormity of the single player game," he said. "People were just not focusing on it. So by moving it, we really wanted to go all in and make this much bigger, much more encompassing, a stand-alone product essentially.

"By making it separate you give people a reason to look at it as a different thing."

The gap between single-player and online also means that most players will have had enough time to develop a level of proficiency with both the game's controllers and its world before diving into the online elements."

Also, to revert back to your previous comments on how I don't know anything about online gaming - I actually run a team of developers, and we build games, these games are multiplayer and we use load balancing. Your assumption that you could have fixed this "And yes in my line of work I know exactly what could have solved this problem. And yes my suggestion to the problem would have made an excellent solution" is hilarious.

You are claiming that you are single-handedly smarter than a group of some of the world's top developers.

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AusRogo1813d ago Show
Aleithian1813d ago

Agreed, especially when R* warned us about this and owned the problem, rather than pretending it doesn't exist and pussy-footing around.

MysticStrummer1813d ago

It should at least be playable in solo mode, and being able to invite a friend or two into your game shouldn't be out of the question either.

I do give Rockstar a little bit of a pass because of the numbers involved, but at the same time this is quite a debacle.

I also still can't believe that ridiculous character creation system.

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-Foxtrot1813d ago

Bullcrap....the only two days I get off this week and the online still isn't playable


CaptainCamper1813d ago

Rockstar warned players that there would be problems. Anyone with previous online experience would know there would be problems.

Not making excuses for Rockstar and although I can fully understand the frustration it's causing, there's not really much point moaning about it :D

isa_scout1813d ago

I understand problems, and I was expecting problems,glitches, and bugs. After 24 hours and I still haven't been able to get online I would say these are more than just problems...It's broken as of right now.

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