XNA boss defends Xbox Live Arcade

Microsoft XNA general manager Chris Satchell has rejected the suggestion that Xbox Live Arcade has lost the initiative when it comes to supporting independent games.

"I think we still get an amazing amount of interest. Normally we have way more interest than we kind of have publishing slots to put things in," Satchell told Eurogamer, when asked whether PS3 and Wii were starting to steal XBLA's thunder.

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LinuxGuru3867d ago


XNA defends Xbox Live?

Noooooo freakin wayyyyyyy maaaaannnnnn

LinuxGuru3867d ago

For you dumbheads out there, that was called sarcasm.

Bazookajoe_833867d ago

But that isnt always better..

DFresh3867d ago

Well...obviously he would he owns the f***ing program.
PSN is already on the road to takeover XBL.
The only thing missing is video downloads not a problem.
Play TV already coming.
Linux Program already set for release.
Finally the big K.O on XBL Home.

ChickeyCantor3867d ago

i wonder how many on this website actually tried making games with XNA?

the thing is, XNA is open to anyone! you cant sell your game but you can MAKE games....course Programming knowledge is required.

Its a shame, because we all scream Game X sucks....but cant do it better youself XD.

Im still looking for the multiplatform SDK....cant remember the name...but since my tutor is going to learn us how to programm....hes also going to use XNA =D......but i guess it wont be something special XD