EG Expo 2013: Final Fantasy X HD Remaster hands-on impressions - Save/Continue

Save/Continue writes:

"After the great job that Square-Enix did with bringing Kingdom Hearts kicking and screaming to the HD era (shonky, hair-follicle destroying camera aside), my expectations were a tad lofty for the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (FFX-2 HD sadly didn’t appear to be present at the show) which I was able to get to grips with at this year’s Eurogamer Expo.

While visually much improved in general terms, the new HD lick of paint actually exposes Final Fantasy X to be painfully dated in some ways; its aesthetics perhaps not suited to dealing with the ravages of time as capably as the cheery, cartoon styled veneer of Kingdom Hearts."

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Sidology1815d ago

I wish I liked FFX enough to actually care about this, but all I can think about is Tidus laughing and that upsets me.