Killer Instinct’s potential guest characters

XbigyGames writes: With the news that Killer Instinct could get guest characters from previous Rare games, we’ve listed some of the potential contenders that could be featured in Xbox One’s premium fighter.

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2cents1777d ago

An evil mutated Conker!

Army_of_Darkness1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

...... No.....
If this rumour is true then killer instinct has been lost forever.
Why couldn't ms just give me a HD collection of KI and KI2???

Mystogan1777d ago

None of these characters fit in killer instinct. Here's a better list from all Microsoft IP.

Master Chief (Pistol and Plasma Sword and Grenade)
Shu from Blue Dragon
Fable Hero (Good and Evil wielding sword of Avo and Aeons respectively.)
Kaim from Lost Odyssey
Kameo (With ability to transform)
Azurik from Azurik
Hero from Phantom Dust
Anyone from Ninety Nine Nights
McLaren from Forza.(lol)

Xbigygames1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

If you read the article linked in this article, it has devs talking about work, they specifically mention RARE characters.

Mystogan1777d ago

I don't see why they would limit it to only rare characters.

maniacmayhem1776d ago

I agree with another poster on here who said Joanna Dark from the Perfect Dark series.

She's from Rare and would blend in real nice with the KI characters.

christocolus1777d ago

nice....joanna dark would be good though.

ZHZ901777d ago

DK and Starfox are Nintendo's characters impossible they'll be in this game.
It'll be cool to see Conker, I really missed him his game was fun.

SaulGoodman1776d ago

Were talking about killer instinct correct? Eyedol, Gargos, and Walter White?

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