Microsoft Creative Director: Xbox One, PS4 Console War Similar to 2005

Gameranx: "Not much has changed since the dawn of the Xbox 360."

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Vip3r1815d ago

Yes it has. The PS3 stuggled because it had a completly different CPU, GPU and RAM setup.

This time both consoles have pretty much the same CPU, GPU and RAM albeit the PS4 has the beefed up version.

The Xbone won't pull a PS3 this gen.

XtraTrstrL1815d ago

It's even worse, because now the PS4 is even easier to program for than the Xbone will be. The Xbone has the ESRam, which may not be particularly hard to utilize, but it is another obstacle to go through that the PS4 doesn't have. So, things are way different than 2005.

SpitFireAce851815d ago

Plus no one year head start,No price advantage..

The only place the Xbone stands a chance is
In the US everywhere else it will get outsold
at least 2 to 1..

abzdine1815d ago

don't know what he's talking about.. 360 had a year head start and was cheaper.
PS4 is coming out first, more powerful and cheaper.. this is more a PS1 Saturn era.

darthv721815d ago

abzdine is right. This has more of a playstation / saturn vibe to it with nintendo just being....nintendo.

majiebeast1815d ago

You are right it wont pull a ps3, cause ps3 sold more then the 360 in less time. With the way preorders are going the Xbone would be lucky if it even has 25% of the market by the end of the next generation.

65% PS4
25% Xbone
10% WiiU

Thats my prediction.

ape0071815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

ummm a lot of things could happen

1-MS make 350$ kinectless X1 and advertise the hell out of cloud dedicated servers which have lots of potential

2-Wiiu has the ability to rebound like the 3DS did after the price cut and the release of big nintendo games like smash bros and mario kart

so im sorry to tell u that 65% sony lead is wrong, this is not the PS2 all over again, MS and Nintendo have surpassed sony last gen and established themselves as a serious big time market player

sony might have a bit of upper hand right now over MS but MS can rebound easily

Rainstorm811815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Nintendo surpassed Sony last gen and and MS/360 established itself as a Big time Market player **fixed**

The thing about that is , Nintendo has had the market to themselves for nearly a year and has had nearly no momentum. So its difficult to judge future generations from the prior ones because things always change.

Not to mention the 360 lured alot of PS2 gamers due to its price point and year head start.

EDIT: Not to mention you forgot the third scenario of PS4 taking control of the market...As PS1, PS2, and Wii has done in the past three gens, one console usually jumps out ahead of the rest. BUt time will tell which next gen system that will be

GTgamer1815d ago

1- the majority will have a PS4 so causal will choose a PS4, Kinectless will hurt Microsoft they were the ones that said it is the xone but a lower price might help only if they change it before PS4 drops, and then u say advertise the Dedicated servers the only people that will care about that is hardcore gamers and they have already chosen the PS4 so the causal wont give a crap.

WIIU- the only thing that could bring back Nintendo is super smash bros/mariokart and if people say that's not worth buying a Wiiu then boom the wiiu will stays low unless they have another major price drop.

We could have another Ps2 generation coming Sony has proven to have the best devs/best third party support/best price/ best value especially ps+/ and stronger hardware and it launches in 32 places this year do the math.

OmegaShen1815d ago


With everything that has came out for the Wii U and how long its been out. I don't see it doing any better then it is now.

Nintendo offer alot of stuff but didn't have it when the system came out and didn't help keep people (let's not forget the people that brought it thinking it was a add on to the Wii).

I think even with the Xbone without Kinect couldn't really help it, I see Microsoft wanting more money for it even if it close more then PS4.

Plus I heard they don't support the idea of standing the system up because they didn't spend the money to keep the disc from moving around and getting mess up like we seen in the 360.

I already own the Wii U, but my 32GB's is all gone and it sits with my Sega systems. I'll get both PS4 and Xbone (but Micrsoft is going to need to offer more better games then the same old stuff and have the Xbone only).

MikeNike3101815d ago

Price actually played a huge part this gen in my experience and wii was the cheapest. The PS3 came out with a $599 price tag which turned a lot of people off. Even with coming a year late and all its disadvantages it still sold on par with the competition. I wonder what would happen if they actually did everything right.

I guess we'll see with the ps4

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BallsEye1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Ps4 went for a simple off the shelf architecture with only semi customisations (what MS did in 2005, but they had a GPU that was ahead of normal PC's then) while XO is build together with AMD with huge customisation in it. The whole architecture is something different and with good tools it might actually benefit XO.

We will see how it plays out, for now there is 50% more power visible in ps4. Architecture matters more than you think, that's why consoles at low specs can pull of what PC's could do only at 2x better specs. Let's not forget that MS spend 3 billions just for the custom AMD chip and some other "technologies" to AMD. 3 BILLION! It's unlikely that they paid this much for an inferior system. Untill systems are released, don't judge. Even most ps4 games on eurogamer ran on PC's crashing to windows so we can only guess how it will look on release. Let the games do the talking in november.

GTgamer1815d ago

Bro its inferior why do u think they keep trying to over clock it come on Sony isn't even touching theirs because they know theirs is the easiest to develop for said by a ton of devs but never talk about the xone being easy why is that.

BallsEye1815d ago

They not keep on trying to overclock. They saw the opportunity, because the design was more effective than they thought, so they overclocked it. How is that a bad thing?

As for easier to develop on. It was stated exactly by one dev on twitter, who said he heard it from other dev. The guy from People Can Fly. Now I'm not saying it's not easier to develop on, maybe it is, but it's scary in the same time, seeing only knack running on actual ps4 at eurogamer and struggling to hold 30 fps. To remind you Knack is being developed by the very architect of PS4, the hero of n4d, Mark Cenry. If the ps4 is that powerful and is so easy to develop on and that's all that Mark can pull off then it's not a good sign considering the RUMORS that XO is so much harder to develop on, and yet it got forza and ryse looking amazing.

Sony was always boasting their specs (anyone remember ps2 EMOTION ENGINE fuzz and ps3 THE CELL? I rather wait for the games to come out, played on actual consoles. It's obvious both companies will do/say just about anything before release to sell their product.

GTgamer1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

@Ballseye lol they saw the opportunity wooooow is that what you tell yourself you should know that last minute changes can turn out to be problematic everyone knows this, you really think this late in development they saw the opportunity why not from the start keep lying to yourself.
Their trying to make sure the PS4 isn't way more powerful than the xone its obvious think about it Sony could walk on stage and say the Ps4 is strongest console ever created and all Microsoft can say is well its not that more powerful than the xone but still doing a bunch of over clocking they could never say theirs is stronger.
PS2 best selling console ever so yeah their engine was good remember MGS2, GOW2 best looking ps2 games.
Cell are you forgetting that the best looking games came from Sony smfh look at GOW3,Uncharted2/3,Beyondtwosou ls,TLOU that's proof enough that Cell was good.
So in your world ryse and forza does more than KZSF well after that comment I'm done

Mr Pumblechook1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

The big difference for the UK is the PlayStation won't be launching 15 months after the Xbox, as happened with the 360 and PS3 which allowed Microsoft to get a massive head start.

The XB One is significantly more expensive than the PS4.

The PS4 is said to be more powerful (to what degree you'd have to ask a programmer)

Developers have said the PS4 is easier to program so it is currently the lead platform with multi-format titles.

Sony invest in third-party studios. Microsoft invest in timed exclusive DLC.

Microsoft PR needs to be improved. Having MS PR going on to NeoGaf to criticise Drive Club and Killzone is not professional. Major Nelson has become unbearable.

thrust1815d ago

I agree, but all my friends are still getting the xbox one and also the ps4!

we just play online alot more with the xbox but no one wants to miss out on what the other console offer do they if they do then it comes down to a couple of reasons...

1, they can not afford both

2, they are a nuts fanboy who needs there head checkin by the doctor

strifeblade1815d ago

Actually ps4 is not lead development console. Both x1 and ps4 adopt similar pc like architecture- (ps4 being closer to pc than x1), but pc is going to be the lead platform development for most big companies and will be ported down to x1 and ps4. Ps4 may be easier to port since it is more in common with pc than x1. Devs have to put a bit more work in x1 to get same results.

Computersaysno1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

PS4 isn't a year late.
PS4 doesn't cost a lot more than its rival.
PS4 isn't incurring the wrath of gamers on the internet.

PS3 did all this and more, and it suffered. Microsoft have a much stronger competitor than in 2005, because in 2005, technically they had none. They had a free run for a year.

Despite this Sony eventually overcame their disadvantages to sell more and by the looks of it finish the generation stronger.

So Microsoft have to work really hard now. It seems obvious to most people that aren't biased Sony has an edge if not just because of their price, and they don't need to convince sceptics of their hardware performance or justify the cost of their hardware as much.

thrust1815d ago

Its a good job the internet people are not alot of people.

the fact is family's love kinect its great fun with there kids

Computersaysno1815d ago

I think you will find that it matters. It mattered to core gamers in 2005 and contributed to Ps3's poor start.

It'll matter to Xbone.

saber000051815d ago

@Vip3r, Look at the specs for the PS4. They are NOT the same as the xbox. Being that both consoles are built on parts that are out on PC (that anyone can build).. If you were to run tests on each PC running xbox1 and PS4 specs, it will show that the PS4 way outperforms the Xbox.

Vip3r1815d ago

I didn't say "the same" I said "pretty much the same" which is different.

They are similar but the PS4 has beefed up versions.

xKugo1815d ago

Don't forget the year head-start and the Xbox 360 setting the standard for consoles game development.

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the worst1815d ago

its different because xbox will not have a year head start

RiPPn1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Not sure how MS can call it similar.

1. No 1 year head start
2. No price advantage
3. No ease of development advantage which leads to..
4. No lead development advantage
5. No online infrastructure advantage
6. No inept competition advantage
7. No initial installed base advantage

There are probably other advantages they had last gen that I can't think of off the top of my head but that is quite the difference. And even with all those advantages they had, they still managed to come in last in worldwide sales. All I can say is good luck this gen Microsoft.

Edit: On the online infrastructure advantage, MS might still have some benefits on this, some would argue the value of PS+ negates those, whatever the case it's not the advantage they had last gen where Sony basically had nothing even remotely comparable out of the gate, that advantage is gone.

majiebeast1815d ago

6. No inept competition advantage

Yeah they are the inept competition this time around. Its gonna be a bumpy ride for Microsoft maybe even their last if they lose their home turf.

AnthonyJrWTF1815d ago

You said enough about your ability to evaluate when you mentioned no online infrastructure advantage.

pyramidshead1815d ago

Apart from number 5. I agree. Will be interesting this gen.

Ohlmay1815d ago

The winner of this generation will be the console that attracts the casual consumer.

noctis_lumia1815d ago

nintendo wii u was supposed to be that

and look at it lol...pathetic

Ohlmay1815d ago

The hardcore gaming community only represents a small demographics of console purchasers, majority are casual consumers, look at the Wii sales, 100 million in sales, dominated the competition and it won purely because it appealed to the casual consumers, that's a huge market of consumers!

Rainstorm811815d ago

I disagree while the Wii was that console this gen , it has also seen the steepest dropoff in sales in comparison to the PS3 or 360, even before the launch of the Wii-U.

Im sure Microsoft or Sony doesn't want that same dropof....So IMO the best gameplan is Variety

LaidBakLazyHippo1815d ago

Most multiplatform games will be made using the weakest system right? While I'm leaning towards the Ps4 I don't think we will see a big difference unless the games are first party games. I honestly don't think the past issues of the Xbox one are going to refrain people from buying an Xbox one, I know plenty of people who didn't know or don't care about the policies they had.

Rainstorm811815d ago

I agree, the biggest hurdle for MS to overcome will be price point....That was one of the 360 and Wii biggest advantages at the start of last gen

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