How console fanboys are shaping the next-gen wars

In the race for market dominance; Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo depend on their loyal supporters to run the ground campaign over who’s got the best console. The advertising war is occasionally geared toward the hardcore, but primarily focuses on individuals who might not care about teraflops and memory cores. That’s where the console fanboy comes in.

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Goku7811777d ago

Autobots and Decepticons, it will never end.

Lalanana1777d ago

Lol yea. it should not be xbox one vs ps4.

Mostly xbox fans vs ps fans

stragomccloud1777d ago

I remember when people used to just play games. We'd always envy the person with the "other" system, but we never berated them nor their systems.

4logpc1777d ago

Its just bad right now because its 90% speculation. Most people on n4g have not played the games they are defending.

they are simply picking one console, watching trailers, and believe they know these games inside and out

once the consoles hit, the balance will be better.

NewZealander1777d ago

I just think its pathetic how the fanboys act on N4G, you can prefer one console over the other without being an ass about it, theres no need to hate the compitition or continually abuse others that may prefer the other.

i own both ps3 and 360, i prefer 360 but still enjoy playing ps3 exclusives, im glad i own both and dont limit my gaming to brand of manufacturer, i play the games not the consoles.

and the sad thing is some of the worst fanboys on here are actually fully grown adults....surely theres more inportant things to do then continually spam every article with fanboy hate.

stragomccloud1777d ago

I just don't get why so many fanboys waste their time trolling another system's articles. Have they nothing better to do?