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"The Pro Evolution Soccer franchise is one of the longest running and enduring in the sports video-game genre. Here we are now with the 14th installment in the series and this is arguably the game that most lives up to the name of ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’. This is a game that evolves the soccer video-game formula into new and interesting directions and improves on it tenfold. For what it lacks in big name licenses, it makes up for with gameplay excellence and some of the most remarkable aesthetics seen in a sport game this generation. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, or more commonly referred to as PES 2014, is a special breed of sports game and it is one that scores goal after goal in all the right places."

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masterabbott1723d ago

PES has always been a great game, i prefer playing this over Fifa anyday.

Kos-Mos1723d ago

Of course, fifa is for the kids that want to close their eyes and score and doesn`t understand football tactics.