Knack to receive a free iOS and Android puzzle app alongside PlayStation 4

Sony Worldwide Studio's boss, Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that Knack will receive a free iOS and Android app alongside PlayStation 4.

When asked about how Sony revised it's focus for mobile and tablet market, Yoshida stated that in the past, the developers were seen as competitors for Sony's own handheld division but now Sony realizes that nearly everyone now has a smartphone or a smart device of some kind present with them.

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sinncross1819d ago

While a neat idea, I feel like they are totally missing out on not bringing this to the PSV...

I just dont understand this... and its not the first time a mobile agme based on one of their ips has just not received a PSV release either.

MajorAly1819d ago

I think that's because the game can be played on Vita using Remote Play. Although yes Remote Play has its own limitations like PS4 must be switched on running instead of playing directly on the Vita with a dedicated game...

It still works good enough I say and who knows, Mark Cerny was the lead architect for Vita as well, Knack may very well come to Vita as well.

lodossrage1819d ago

I was going to say the same thing about the remote play

sinncross1819d ago

I know Knack can technically be played on PSV, but this puzzle app is not the same thing, espeically if it can unlock items in the PS4 game... considering the PS4 and PSV create an eco system would the unlocking of some items not at least make sense enough to bring this to the PSV to further strengthen the psv/ ps4 bond?

MajorAly1819d ago

Yeah, I can understand your point, but seeing how PS4 was built from the ground up to have Vita integration, I won't sign off on anything yet.

These apps also make those people happy who don't own a portable gaming device. Whereas nearly everyone these days own a smartphone, so more ways of integration is always a benefit and a win-win situation for everyone.

Like I said, I won't sign-off on Knack for Vita, it's Cerny's game and knowing him he might have Vita in mind and might bring the title to it. But the release could be late as Knack IS one of the launch titles for PS4.

Destrania1819d ago

I'll probably only download the official Playstation app.

minimur121819d ago

Darn! I meant to agreee with you, N4G sucks for not being able to change your agrees/disagrees

SIX1819d ago

Smart. Establishing brand recognition before the game comes out to maximize sales. I like it.

LiQuiZoN1819d ago

The common trend this next-gen will be having APPS on your mobile devices to interact with the game worlds. The problem for me is the ONLY time this would be beneficial is if its one of the "Main stay" games that I follow, otherwise I'll have to suffer from missing content on the disk which I can't access unless I login to some stupid social network to claim my "rewards".

The entire digital space has never been about providing "More" to the consumer. It's been about extracting more time/value from the consumer so they can monetize microtransactions and Advertisements.

For instace, iFruit app in GTAV. I downloaded it, but I also deleted it as I didn't care for the extra nonsense on my phone, however, I can't train my dog "Chop" without it. Think about that for a moment. The "chop training system" was restricted to phone use only.

You will see this trend continue growing substantially from iFruit (similar to Horse Armor for DLC) to full blown Seasonal passes (BattleLog for BF4, which requires subscription to Origin).


sprinterboy1819d ago

Love the look of knack butnnot buying it cause it will be a ps plus game within 6 months imo, for that reason it probably won't sell a million