Pokémon X and Y Are You a Boy Or a Girl Opening Scenes Uncovered

Are you a Boy? Or Girl? It seems Professor Sycamore is just as blind as the other Pokémon Professors in the two new opening scenes from Pokémon X and Y!

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kirbyu1779d ago

Not watching. It's the little things like this I prefer not spoiled.

Jirachi1779d ago

this is something so minor though...

pixelsword1778d ago

Professor Sycamore:
Are you a boy or a girl?

I'm a


Professor Sycamore:

Get the ^&^[email protected] in the kitchen!

1778d ago
chris25511779d ago

Of course they would not use the camera like in Pokemon Amie, because some girls have short hair while other boys sometimes have ponytails.

Quagmire1779d ago

Is there option for transgender, asexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual?

You dont wanna piss off the liberal tards lel.

NintySonySoft1779d ago

I highly doubt they will add that seeing as they want to focus this on the "Kids" not trying to sound bad here just saying :-O Even thou majority of the people that play these games range from Teen to the Twenties

kirbyu1778d ago

You do realize this is a Nintendo game, right?

feraldrgn1778d ago

Not bad, not bad at all.