Media Create hardware sales (9/23 - 9/29)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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MNGamer-N1510d ago

Damn, you'd think every single person in Japan had a 3DS or two by now looking at those numbers.

Hicken1510d ago

I'm amazed at how many Wiis and 360s are still being sold, if only because nobody's making games for the damn things anymore.

... well, they're kinda still making games for the 360, but why buy them there when you could on PS3 and have a system with exclusives still coming out?

3-4-51509d ago

I own a 360, never owned any kind of Playstation.

Right now I wish I had a PS3.

So many good exclusives being released over the past year and into the future. I missed out on a lot of RPG's.

1510d ago
gunboss2011510d ago

not bad.. Vita increased sales by one thousand more this week.

DarkLordMalik1510d ago

Sen No Kiseki had pretty good sales. I am glad to see this, they are great games. Hopefully, they can come to the states soon.

vigilante_man1510d ago

Go Vita. It is breaking out of its shell!

If I was Microsoft I would demand a re-count...