Need for Speed: Rivals game has got new trailer and screenshots

Yesterday EA company, the publisher of Need for Speed game series, presented new Need for Speed: Rivals gameplay trailer, as well as several fresh game’s screenshots.
The gameplay video, which you can watch below, shows us the progression and pursuit tech upgrades that will be available in the new instalment of this stunning race simulator.
In addition some fresh Need for Speed: Rivals screenshots have appeared in the network. They demonstrate us some luxury cars available in the game and one of the tracks that you’ll be able to test very soon.

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1Victor1691d ago

soo now its need for burnout speed nice

Scatpants1691d ago

Looks fun. I might pick it up after I get tired of the games I buy at launch.

madpuppy1691d ago

still prefer a real burnout, I really miss crash junctions.

DeadlyFire1691d ago

EA needs to have Need for Speed and Burnout development rotation. Say NFS Hot pursuit type game one year, NFS Underground type game another year, and Burnout type game another year and cycle them around. :)

They have one for RPGs. Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and so on. They have one for FPS games. Both of them are doing pretty well for EA. Need for Speed has been hit and miss for them because its yearly quick drop for cash in. They could do alot more with it. Although I have high hopes for Rivals. At least their will be cops in MP. :)

I still love the old Crash mode from Burnout.

Athlon1691d ago

I'm definitely feeling it.

theXtReMe11691d ago

This has become one of my most wanted PlayStation 4 games. It looks incredible and should be a bunch of fun with friends.