Battlefield 4 Beta: What’s New

A run-through of some of Battlefield 4's most significant new additions and alterations following an all-day rendezvous with the Xbox 360 beta.

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HarryB1777d ago

Well the pc version. A lot players having hard time. They didn't update the game yet. Some people donwloaded drivers to fix the game like beta drivers and updated windows dx 11 whatever. I did that too but it didn't solve not a single problem. I'm sure they'll fix it. Its almost not playable. It feels like bf1942 back in the day with all this lag drops from the fps issues.

And xbox and ps3 looks horrendously offensive to even have any kind of battlefield. If I run bf3 on extreme low graphics that's how bf4 would look like on either system. But the again console players don't wanna be left outta the show. Even leapfrog needs an audience. Battlefield with a joystick and aim assist hahaha.

MooseWI1777d ago

Don't run it too much because it's an issue where the game uses to much CPU power. People have fixed it by upgrading to windows 8 actually.

HarryB1777d ago

I dont like windows 8. Id rather use command prompt than windows 8.

famoussasjohn1777d ago

Both beta drivers for Nvidia and ATI cards are out, make sure to download those. A lot of people were complaining in the chat during the matches of the random FPS drop and freezes. My game crashed multiple times. Don't really want to install Windows 8 either tbh.

Naga1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

The beta looks awful. I really didn't expect the downgrade coming from BF3 on the same generation. Drab colors, horrendous textures... and that tower falling was just sad to watch as a gamer.

But with that said, the gameplay is still very fun, and from what I've experienced thus far the hit detection seems to be a vast improvement over the previous game. It makes me long for the next gen version.

Hufandpuf1777d ago

It's the beta version thats only 1.7 gigs. Don't expect much.

HaMM4R1777d ago

That is kind of irrelivent. 1.7*10 maps = 17GB. Plus the single player lets say 10GB = 27GB. The size of the maps is probably going to be final. What do you think they are going to do? Rework all of the textures and shaders in 1 month? I doubt it.

Naga1777d ago

@ HaMM4R

In fairness, the Xbox 360 version of BF3 had an HD Texture Pack which could be installed from the disc. It's been a really long time, so I don't remember how stark the difference was, but it's possible they intend to do something similar with the BF4 visuals.

I mean, I agree with your math... I just have a hard time believing they will let the game continue to look this bad, even if they are moving on to the next gen.

HaMM4R1777d ago

Good point actually. I hadn't factored that in. Hopefully there will be one. Game looks awful at the moment.

famoussasjohn1777d ago

I've noticed you can't really run and strafe at the same time like you could in BF3. When I would try my character would stop moving. At least we won't be seeing people jumping around like in BF3.

boing11777d ago

I love lean and peek system!

GrandpaSnake1777d ago

i dont like how its automatic lean, its not like moh were you can dance.

boneso821777d ago

They have changed the spot and throw grenade buttons, I don't like that...

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