Charizard has a second Mega Evolution, first look

Charizard will have not one, but two Mega Evolutions.

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SeanScythe1662d ago

*remembering when Pokemon was 150* Gota Catch'em All

Now it's invest your life in looking for whatever blob of crap we come up with. The Paperclip for MSword is now a Pokemon! The Dog from Duck Hunter is a Pokemon! Yoshi is now a Pokemon! Wait we are running out of options.....Give them Mega forms from their Final Evolution.

Kalebninja1661d ago

hater this game broke records in sales and im lookin forward to it been playin since the beginning

Tony-Red-Grave1661d ago

CoD breaks sells every year. Doesn't make it great does it? But that aside pokemon really has been around for AWHILE now. The anime and the games I imagine must be getting low on ideas. You can't keep it going forever after all.

Thirty3Three1661d ago

Well Tony, actually it does. If many bought it, it's pretty safe to assume it's at least, "good".

I like CoD. I like Battlefield. I'm very open-minded about these things. I can't say I understand where the hate comes from. I do know, though, that once something gets very popular, the hate rises. It's pretty much bandwagoning.

FamilyGuy1661d ago

I'm liking the blue flames, should've make its skin blackened like it's burning/getting crispy or something.

SeanScythe1661d ago

Not hating anything, I played Pokemon red, blue, yellow. I had 3 gameboys and the GB advanced. I just look back and see how the game went and changed so much.

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kirbyu1661d ago

"The Paperclip for MSword is now a Pokemon! The Dog from Duck Hunter is a Pokemon! Yoshi is now a Pokemon!"

What is ever making you say that? When did they do anything like that? I can't think of a single Pokémon that's based off something copyrighted. Why not? Because there aren't any.

SeanScythe1661d ago

I haven't been on the pokemon bandwagon since pokemon yellow was released. What I'm coming from is someone that looks back and sees how they made the original 150 seem unique and now they just keep adding more and more some of them just seem to be thrown in or something they came up with while sitting in the restroom. I loved the original pokemon, so call me a hater all you want.

princejb1341661d ago

this game is gonna be amazing just like every other pokemon
but all this mega evolution stuff reminds me of digimon

itBourne1661d ago

I actually passed on Black and White after the horrid designs for Pokemon. They just get worse and worse. Plus the game hasnt changed at all, I was going to get a 3ds for this game, then I played Ni No Kuni and realized this is what Pokemon should of been 5 years ago if not sooner then that.

dogsmokespipe1661d ago

I totally see your point, even though you're exagerrating a little. I kind of think this is just a problem inherent in sequels in long-running franchises. At some point, innovating is too risky.

So much easier to stick to the formula, because that's what people have been buying, and will continue to buy. Innovation comes in the form of new IPs.

1661d ago
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theshonen88991661d ago

Remember when Nintendo was about incredible new ideas instead of exploiting nostalgia?

KonsoruMasuta1661d ago

This game is all about new ideas?

The Mega forms are new.

3D handheld Pokémon that's new. Different from the other top down ones.

Hicken1661d ago

True, but it's taken almost 15 years for it to get to this point. Up until now, it hasn't changed all that much. And for some years now, they've been releasing two versions of the game, with hardly any differences between them.

X and Y looks to be a great improvement and addition to the franchise, but you can hardly blame people for being jaded at this point.

TheFutureIsBlue1661d ago

I think the only reason I am looking foward to this is because the last pokemon game I played was Pokemon Silver(I think). They did repeat the same formula and even as a kid it got old. If you liked all of them, more power to you. I do think they added enough changes in this one to make a difference, though.