New colours, ultras and Rare guest characters in Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct has a new ultra system, colours, tweaks and there's even talk of seeing other Rare characters in the game too.

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Mystogan1752d ago

How would you like to lose another bubble?

Deadpoolio1752d ago

Cause bubbles mean so much? Sorry that your a butt hurt fanboy who laps up anything that shoots out of Microsoft but NO it's pretty boring news....

Microsoft only has 3 main games so that means it would either be Marcus, Master Chief or a car from Forza........

It's pretty sad that you actually think people care about bubbles though like their lives will be ruined cause some neck beard basement dweller took one...But please by all means you go ahead and pretend that they actually mean something

luisvideogames1749d ago

Woah ANOTHER bubble??? Except I created this account a month ago and haven't lost or gained any??? Bubbles mean nothing, and Killer Instinct should be on OUYA.

1752d ago
aviator1891751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Out of curiosity, why do you consider this snore-inducing?

Looks like hectic fun with great visuals to me.
But then again, that is subjective.

luisvideogames1749d ago

I'm not sure why M$ stole all of Xbox 360's exclusives and moved it to the Xbox One, to try to make the launch line-up seem superior....

Kevlar0091752d ago

I'd love to see Banjo and Kazooie beat the s*** out of the other fighters. Comboing attacks between the two would be a sight to behold

prodg521752d ago

Is this game download (digital) only?

TuxedoMoon1752d ago

Joanna Dark is probably the only guest character we'll see from rare appearing in this game, though a KI-fied realistic looking Banjo/Kazooie does peak the imagination.

Deadpoolio1752d ago

Yeah right like anyone knows she exists...It's either going to be Marcus Phoenix or Master chief...They don't have a whole stable of viable characters so other than that it only leaves a car from forza and that didn't work out too well when Sega tried it

Mystogan1751d ago

Its them coming here specifically to talk trash about any X1 news that bothers me. You rarely see any Xbox fan do that.

maniacmayhem1752d ago

The particle effects on Jago's fireball is bananas!

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