50GB PS4 Games Could Take 50 Hours To Download

Next-gen PS4 titles could take close to 50 hours to download according to broadband site Think Broadband.

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GreenRanger1692d ago

And it'll only take a few minutes to walk into GameStop and buy the disc.

Gamingcapacity1692d ago

Depends on the connection I have a very average 4/5mbps and is take 20/30mins to download a 1GB.

I would also like to point out that's why we aren't ready for an all digital download gaming envioronment. With MS's old X1 policy, if you wanted to play your game around a friends house you would have to re-download it from your library to the local computer. Even if a game take 30mins to a hour to download, you just wouldn't bother.

PCGamingNoobs1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

only people that will do this are people with fast internet connection. i have 100mbps and even i would rather just go and buy a bluray copy.

Blackdeath_6631692d ago

you can play as you download, or atleast that is the solution next-gen has to download speed problems. but i agree you can access your ps4 game downloads on a friends console so if i were to go to a friends house and wanted to play a game i have but he doesn't it would take ages for it to download only to be deleted as soon as i leave a few hours later. i sincerely hope gaikai allows you to stream games you own even if it mean latency and lag as long as its playable its something

PoSTedUP1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

with Playgo i'll finish the game before it's even done downloading; creating a time paradox that will allow me to use the remaining undownloaded MB as an entry passageway back through time that i allready experienced to find out that Playgo and the ps4 didnt actually launch yet and... ****, why did i do that -_-...

Gamingcapacity1692d ago

Play as you download is a great feature and one that's nudging us into an all DD future. It will all be DD one day but we are a few years behind.

Army_of_Darkness1692d ago

I have a pretty decent connection @ 24mbps but anything over 10gb I'll be purchasing the bluray version.

christrules00411692d ago

Depends on the online infrastructure and how powerful the online infrastructure is. If you have 100gb/s download but only 10gb/s download for the infrastructure you have to take the lowest common denominator. Can't download 100gb per second if the online infrastructure only supports 10gb per second.

Neixus1692d ago

if you have 5mbps, it should only take 200 seconds to finish, 1000 : 5 = 200

AlexanderNevermind1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

My plan was to get KSF as my 1st digital download as long as it was available day one. 50gb has me slightly rethinking this.

It would take my 25/25 connection up to 4-6 hrs if as we know that we won't be able to utilize the full speed. We will only be able to dl as fast as the PSN allows. That being said at least the new system allows background downloading while you play.

Gamingcapacity1692d ago


Companies measure their connection speed in Mb (megabits) not MB (megabytes). 8 bits make one byte so you would need a 8Mbps connection to download at 1MBps.

abzdine1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

something the media is completly forgetting, it's the possibility for Killzone: Shadow Fall for example to download either Single or Multiplayer.

You can also start playing while it's downloading as well, so no problem for me and you can still start playing at the moment you click Download.

minimur121692d ago

Meanwhile the story takes 13 hours, so by the time you've completed the game - it's still downloading

wsoutlaw871692d ago

I have a good connection so when I do digital download like I did with the last of us I started the download right when it released so when I woke up it was good to go

vigilante_man1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Now we aren't restricted by the XBox DVD then even multi-platform games will be 25-35GB. I have fast 120Mbps with no cap but it would still rely on a good connection to PSN. So not a day 1 purchase as the servers would be flat out busy.

A week or so later would be fine for me but not for a lot of people. I guess Microsoft never really thought out the fully digital way to go thing that much (there's a surprise).

I am looking forward to the faster blu ray drives so I guess you decide which games you think you will play the most on. For great but shorter games with 2-3 replays then its disc only but for long games with engaging multi-player then it could be digital.

But who knows how good a game will be until you get it.

Edit:* Its the price we pay for great visual games on a large scale. We asked for them, now we will get them.

SilentNegotiator1692d ago

Even with the best connection available, it would be less time consuming to go to one of my several local Gamebucks...I mean, Gamestops.

gaffyh1692d ago

Stuff are absolute idiots. Sony knows that this is an issue, which is why they've tried to mitigate it by providing other options.

Play as you download, preloading, and providing an option to get a disc version. All of it makes a difference.

Also, 50gb would take a while to download at UK speeds, but not over 2 days.

RyuCloudStrife1691d ago

I am wondering WHY IS THIS NEWS???????

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callahan091692d ago

50 hours is less than 300 kb/s transfer rate. That's really slow for most of the world's broadband right now. I get a consistent and reliable 1.5 MB/s which would be like 9 hours. But doesn't Sony have it set up so you can start playing while it downloads and it finishes the download as you're playing? That way you don't actually have to wait all that time before you can jump in.

Blackdeath_6631692d ago

"That's really slow for most of the world's broadband" i live in london and i would dance in joy if i managed a constant 300 kb/s. when i downloaded my first game of steam it was like being catapulted into the future got around 1 MB/s. i think once PSN improves games won't take as long to download

Caffo011692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

"i live in london and i would dance in joy if i managed a constant 300 kb/s"
but you could upgrade to a better broadband, right? not that you should, but i don't believe you struggle to reach 300 kb/s in London..

Are_The_MaDNess1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

PSN is the main problem here.
never gotten a Download higher than 3 megabyte/s on the PSN.
yet i get 12MB/s on steam all the time.
frankly, PSN is slow and old. they need to make it faster and more streamlined.


its on the principle of getting with the times.
sony if behind and if they cant support the speeds i have then they arnt ready for nextgen IMO.

i can download a game in 1 hour or even less at times on steam. yet it takes more like 6 hours for the PS3 to download the same game, the size is even smaller aswell.

unless they arnt fixing this with the PS4 like they have said then i wont get multiplats on the platform at all even with all the exclusive shit they trow at a third party game.

Rainstorm811692d ago

At madness

Even at 3mb speeds it wouldnt take 50 hours...

Uncharted 3 digital version is 40+ GB and The Last of Us is 20+ GB.....neither of those games took 40 or 20 plus hours to download respectvly and my internet speed is about 15mb/s

Gamingcapacity1692d ago

I have about 4/5 Mbps connection which is equal to less than 1MBps :(

Are_The_MaDNess1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

you say you have a 15 megabit ocnnection, that would be 1.87MB/s.
if you had a 12MB/s, wouldnt you be mad at Sony for not supporting the speeds you have? when something can take a much,much shorter time than it currently does.

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CocoWolfie1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

or you can pre-order online and itll come the day of release, you can even go to the midnight opening for your copy. if not you can order online, with next day delivery for most places, and my bet is itll be cheaper too :p

I_am_Batman1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

A 50GB game would take me about 75 hours to download. I just recently subscribed to PS+ and I think it's a really great service but It's potential is limited by my internet connection.

Took me about 10 hours to download Far Cry 3. And Dragons Dogma will take almost double the time.

Irishguy951692d ago

ROugly same speeds for me, Overnight them is what I do. Uncharted took a few days

Bluepowerzz1692d ago


I_am_Batman1692d ago

This won't work with slow bandwidth though. If it takes longer to download a game than a playthrough it won't work without pre-downloading a big portion of the game.

Also I don't see how it would work with open world games .

hollabox1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Yeah on top of that downloading games to only maybe 400 GBs available to the users the HD will fill up quick downloading games that large. Plus when I'm done with it I can get almost half of my money back trading it in. But I must admit sometimes its hard to wait when I got that midnight itch and can't wait until the store opens up to make my purchase.

IRON883 1692d ago

Were getting next gen consoles but I'm sticking to still buying discs

jessupj1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I honestly don't know why so many people complain about the speeds of PSN downloads. I have a 70 mbps cable connection and it seems to work just fine.

I get speeds of 10 MB/s.

I downloaded a 200 mb patch the other day in less than 20 seconds.

Maybe it's because I live in Australia and there's like 2 gamers here and only 1 of them games online.

Having said that I'll still be buying physical copies. Why pay the pathetic price of $110 for a game a can't trade or resell, when I can import the same physical game from the UK for $60 and have to option to pawn it?

There's also the added bonus that the content won't be censored as my stuck in the past nanny state can't grasp the simple idea that adults can choose themselves which games they want to play.

Until prices reflect what I'm losing (the ability to resell) I will never buy online. It's a joke that the PSN price and physical retail price is the same considering they extra money publishers get... An absolute joke.

And another thing. I don't know about other countries (although I hear it's getting worse and worse everywhere), but here I have a 200 GB bandwidth limit for the month. And that's the most expensive residential connection I can get. I buy 1 next gen game and that 1/4 of my usage gone for the month. Internet companies are going to have to stop ripping off their customers before DD really takes off.

Funnymonkey0131692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Agreed yo I would wather just go to GameStop and get KZSF even though I have 9 Mbps download speed.

ajax171692d ago

Yes. HDD space should be reserved for indie games and PS classics...for the most part.

TAURUS-5551692d ago

downloading games like Battlefield, cod and FIFA that come out every year seems to be the right choice but the disc would be the right thing to do when it comes to special games like kill zone.

at least thats what im gonna do

BoriboyShoGUN1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I really wanted to purchase Killzone digital so I could swap between BF4 and KZ easily but these games sizes are scary. 500GB isnt going to last very long especially if playstation is giving free games every month! Decisions Decisions :(
*Also guys im sure the actual ethernet ports allow for more data transfer than last gen if your connection can push it that is,not to mention improved networks so I dont think the downloads will be too bad*

ATi_Elite1691d ago

I'm not downloading 50GB of anything!

Compress that File. Winrar or 7zip FTW!

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GamerXD1692d ago

Guess what, I'm taking the physical copy. 55 hours of waiting is a pain in the ass. But PlayGo functionality exists, the play-as-you-download stuff, so do we really need to worry? I hope that PlayGo works well. Anyway, prepare your bandwidth and good luck.

newflesh1692d ago

PlayGo is basically useless when I found out that you must still download at least 80% of the game. Big deal.

MWong1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

I will mainly be picking up retail versions personally. But, I mean is that right? It took me 15 minutes to download & install the 1.7GB BF4 beta yesterday with my slow AT&T connection. So if my math is right it would roughly take me 7.4 hours to download 50GB's. That's not to mention I can remotely tell my PS4 what I want to download via an app while I'm at work.

Stop making a big deal over the small stuff.

jackanderson19851692d ago

it's a pretty big deal especially consider MS's original push for digital gaming and the likelihood down the line MS/Sony will start pushing digital games more heavily (they already are, especially PS+ and it's instant game collection)

MWong1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Here is why it's not a big deal. Honestly, disc based games wont be going anywhere for at least another 10-12 yrs if not longer. M$ was crazy trying to force that down the throats of gamers. 9 out of 10 Sony thought about it and said no, not a smart business move. Publishers realize not everybody in the world has internet access why try to miss out on the possible revenue.

jackanderson19851692d ago

it might not be a big deal to you but other people are heavily geared towards an all digital future... hell look at netflix for example back in march they reported they had 33 million users of their online streaming service... also there is a number of online required games like Destiny, Division, Titanfall and those FPSs while they do have a SP they're mainly a MP game... while they'll stick with disc's for now i think the all digital push will hit sooner than most people expect it to especially as some of the major publishers are either launching or have launched their own game platforms for digital gaming ala steam

tidusforeverx21692d ago

United States infrastructure for Internet is nowhere near some of the other countries that have better connections. in Japan for instance even out in the boonies they have extremely good internet connections which we're only going to see once Google Fiber actually goes nationwide.unfortunately this is also going to cause a lot of problems with already existing internet providers considering that Google Fiber is going to be offered in such a steep discounted price and most peoples cable and internet providers are the same group. whether or not this will be good competition a bad competition is yet to be determined. but if anybody doesn't know what google fiber is just go to and look at it it's pretty fast.

LoveOfTheGame1692d ago

Gotta love living in KC, loved it when they chose here to start Google Fiber.

FungalPsychosis1691d ago

Mind sharing Google Fiber with us? lol

My_Outer_Heaven1692d ago

Buy it on Disk instead, problem sorted!

jackanderson19851692d ago

not if you live a good decent from a game retailer and want it day one or even day two

Fishy Fingers1692d ago

Take one millionth of that bandwidth and mail order it. Use the other 49.9999999gbs on porn.

It's common sense.

superterabyte1692d ago

@fishy fingers 50gb on porn? I see why you're called fishy Fingers!