Is Nintendo highly incompetent at HD deveopment?

GearNuke: Nintendo just had their latest “Nintendo Direct” Live Stream recently, where they announced release dates for games on Wii U/3DS in 2013. What’s lacking from that announcement was brand new games for Wii U. Heck, even the previously announced Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze for Wii U has been now delayed to February 2014. One has to wonder what’s going at Nintendo after transiting to HD development.


* Development
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mii-gamer1818d ago

inexperience is the term i would use.

The_Villager1818d ago

You do realize the Wii U is Nintendo's first HD system right? Sony and Microsoft developers were just as inexperienced back in 2005-06. Nintendo have already said the are still learning how to develop for a HD system.

mii-gamer1818d ago

yeah i know hence my comment. I'm not sure why people are getting upset - inexperience isn't a bad thing, all it means that they are still learning to be efficient with the hardware which naturally takes a while. Consequently that is why Pikmin 3 was delayed and now donkey kong. Relax!

Knushwood Butt1818d ago

Yeah, which is exactly why he's calling them out for being inexperienced.

Instead of investing the cash they made from the Wii, they sat on their laurels. Now, they are desperately trying to keep their heads above water.

iamnsuperman1818d ago

@ Mii-gamer

"I'm not sure why people are getting upset - inexperience isn't a bad thing, all it means that they are still learning to be efficient with the hardware which naturally takes a while"

But this is a problem for them. Nintendo can't afford to spend the same time Microsoft and Sony did when adapting to HD gaming. They decided to take that extra step before going into the HD realm and it could make them suffer if they don't get their act together soon.

lilbroRx1818d ago

Knushwood, there is a big difference between inexperience and incompetence like this article is using.

Inexperience just have much to learn. Incompetence means you are doing it wrong or are screwing up.

This article is intentionally insulting Nintendo.

The fact that they are not rushing any games means that they are in fact, "not" desperate or desperately doing anything. They are gaining at a gradual pace.

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DarkLordMalik1818d ago

The jump from Super NES to Nintendo 64 and then Nintedo 64 to GameCube was not a generational leap?
Back then, they had no problem with developing games and now they are suddenly facing issues.

The thing is, Nintendo Wii made them soft. Sony doesn't fit here. The problem with PS3 was the hardware and development tools at launch, Sony were fighting with a completely different challenge with PS3.

darthv721818d ago

Those were evolutionary changes. Pretty much all consoles go through them.

with nintendo, and HD it isnt just a matter of resolution increase. HD means high definition and upping the definition of the content is more than just boosting the resolution.

nintendo has way more experience in the sub HD era unlike Sony and MS who have been making HD content for much longer.

Inexperienced is what you should say. Not incompetent. That is just insulting to a company with such a long respected history as them.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1818d ago

Though releasing a HD console when you're inexperienced a year ahead of two companies who have 7-8 years of experience with HD graphics is a pretty incompetent move.

Shnazzyone1817d ago

It's interesting the author doesn't seem to get that Sony and MS will be hitting the same learning curve very soon. Though all they gotta learn is how to program games for pc's. Nintendo doesn't have it as easy. Specialized hardware that's pretty much souped up using a cutting edge gpu/cpu setup. It's a learning curve for everyone.

It'll take time but... the games thusfar are beautiful. Noone should be dissapointed because nintendo knows aesthetics and gameplay. Which vastly trumps just graphics alone. I worry everyone forgets. Graphics are maybe 20% of what makes a game good.

miyamoto1816d ago

Wow! just wow. Look at the damage controllers here in full force. The word incompetent comes from the word "compete",right?
Isnt Nintendo "competing" with HD machines like PS3 & PS4?

As usual denial clouds the mind and blinds the eyes.

Take away all the sugar coating. Nintendo is both inexperienced and incompetent with HD game design it self. Face it. and they need 3rd party help to make em.
They are 8 years late and backwards.

SD & HD game design has totally different design approaches and Nintendo wallowed too long on SD & was not ready for HD.

Wii Sports Club

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Thepcz1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

nintendo arent willing to spend the money needed to make games that are truly hd. ie, not just upscaled to hd res, but actually having detailed textures, high polygon models etc.

so far, all i have seen from nintendo's in-house games are games which could easily be handled by a wii. only now in hd res.

making a game that is truly designed for a hd console costs a lot of money, which it seems doesnt fit with nintendos current business model which seems to be- make games with as little effort and enthusiasm as possible and slap a mario title on it.

gone are the days when nintendo innovated in every aspect of gaming, and in its place is a nintendo skimping and scraping on every aspect of its games from scope, to the style and look... everything about modern nintendo games and technology powering those games scream 'economic'.

marios games used to be stylish and have imaginative thriving worlds, now they are empty and lifeless shells of their former selves

AKR1818d ago

I'd really like to see a game like X, Bayonetta 2 or Pikmin 3 run on the Wii.

Thepcz1818d ago

xenoblade is one of the best games i ever played, and that is more impressive than a lot of ps3 games i have played, from a technical point of view. so the wii is a very capable console.

whether you admit or not, a lot if not all the games on wiiu from nintendo so far, are little more that wii games in hd.

mario bros u

luigi u

game and wario


pikmin 3

wii party u

all could easily handled by the wii

DejectedJeff1818d ago

Simply put the wii could NOT run bayonetta 2. Not even a downscaled version. Id be surprised if it ran 1. X is supposedly using almost all the power in the wii u so it definitely couldnt run on a wii. Mario kart 8 is the best looking, highest resolution game in the series, perhaps if it ran on the mk wii engine it could be made on the wii. But the same could be said for every racing game - they dont evolutionize much beyond looking and sounding better

abradley1818d ago

Can't agree with that enough. That's also probably why Nintendo haven't had any new IP's for a long while.

From what I've seen of the Wii U, it looks semi-decent. The problem with anybody going to pick one up, is where are the new and unique games. You think, yeah that console looks decent, now what can I play on the system that I haven't played before. Hmm.. Zombie U... and... oh good lord where is the rest?

lilbroRx1818d ago

For a long time? They've released 3 this year with the most recent being the Wonderful 101. They release multiple new I.P.s every year.

Its so annoying see this same fanboys bashing Nintendo for the same repeated lies that they tell themselves which have never been true.

Every time I have ever seen this statement made it has been to disparage the success of their old I.P.s, and generally said along the lines of "They can't sell anything else". Its ridiculous and sad to see this from gamers these days. You'd think they would know better.

abradley1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Hi Chrischi1988,

No the PS4 isn't a huge leap in tech, but at least it and the Xbox One do have some original, or at least fresh games on the horizon.

Knack, The Crew, Destiny, The Division, Mad Max, Project Spark, Ryse, Titanfall, Deep Down, Drive Club, Octodad, The Order 1866.

Would you like me to continue?

I purposely chose new IP's and not sequels and as you requested, (because obviously a game like a movie would be so horrible even though a game is simply an evolution of a movie, book and music put into one,) I left out any possible games that resemble movies.

Are you happy now or would you like to continue this argument that every Nintendo fans seemed insistent on, to somehow prove that Nintendo is indeed the best games company on the planet and there rehashes, (not new games,) are also brilliant.

Sorry LilbroRx, I'm no fan boy, unless of course fan boys are people who love games, then I would be. I play on every system available, I wasn't bashing Nintendo, like I said, the Wii U looks interesting but with a lack of new games, (three in the whole first year of a consoles life, Whoopie,) it isn't worth picking one up unless you love the current sequels to Nintendos back catalogue.

IcicleTrepan1818d ago

ZombiU is actually a pretty fun and challenging game. I got it as part of the bundle package.

LOL_WUT1818d ago

They released 3 mario games in a 12 month lifespan (NSMB2 U, Luigi U and soon to be 3D MArio world) buy yet they delayed DK ;)

_QQ_1818d ago

@ lol_wut you watch too much blackbond,First super luigi U is DLC, Mario bros U and 3D world are completely different games. Nintendo is inexperienced at HD development but that just means games will look even better once they learn the all the tricks.

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Realplaya1818d ago

Did you watch the Nintendo direct?

To be honest I didn't go to the E3 thing and from what I saw that game looked like garbage and I couldn't understand their vision. Then bam watched the direct and I get what they're doing.The best part it looks better than most 3d platformers announced and past and it's only 720P

Chrischi19881818d ago

"so far, all i have seen from nintendo's in-house games are games which could easily be handled by a wii. only now in hd res."

I have never heard such a dumb thing. You can basically say that about every single game. If it is not for the resolution, why should it not been able to run all the games? All Call of Duties were released on Wii. The HD games from Nintendo look absolutely stunning. If you downscale a game, you could make it run on a Wii gameplay wise, why shouldnt it? Tell me a game, which would not be able to run, even with graphics at a total minimum, not talking about settings here, I mean a port like the CODs on Wii.

What you are saying is is more a thing, if you compare PS3 and PS4. Tell me, other than graphics, where is the big leap here? There is no. Oh, you got specs, so its better graphic, that is all. SOmetimes people need to think first, before they make dumb comments.

"marios games used to be stylish and have imaginative thriving worlds, now they are empty and lifeless shells of their former selves
#2" LOL, you know that, because you played the new Mario? Did you? Just making a comment, seems like it is totally unbiased towards Nintendo. Only a fanboy would use these kinds of arguments.

Thepcz1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

a wii might have a hard job running GTAV. sure you could make a 'version' of it, but it would be so crippled it wouldnt be the same game. the same way they always crippled wii versions of fifa games.

all these games on wiiu could be ported over to wii with little to no crippling, other than the resolution.

i dont know enough about the ps4 to comment, but i have seen some video that suggests a game could not be ported to the ps3 without losing major visual quality. ie, not res, but draw distance etc.

i have watched the videos of marios economic world (3d word) in action, and i can draw my conclusions from that. it looks just as tedious as every other mario game from the last 5 years.

i remember nintendo said marios appearance came about because of graphical limitations at the time. so he had a blue overall and big nose to make him stand out with the little number of pixels they had to work with etc

what people need to realise is that the last few years, again, mario is being shaped by limitations, but this time its not all technical limitations (although with the 'weak' wiiu this is debatable). marios biggest limitation now, is nintendo.

while the gaming worlds of marios rivals (rayman etc) grow and become more stylish, innovative and frankly beautiful, marios world is entering recession, having severe cuts to budget, effecting the look, scope and feel of the games.

its a sad sight, and dont deny it.

there has been lots of speculation about the future of nintendo in the industry, and i think all you have to do is look at its games and technology. they are definitely cutting back and scaling down. which only signals one thing- they are not growing, but instead going backward.

and dont say im a fanboy, if anything, i am a nintendo fan! but lets not stick our head in the sand.

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AKR1818d ago


The company has a lot going on all at once (and that's just looking at what we know about).

I don't know why people are making noise over DK's delay. It's not like it's some arcane event that Nintendo delays a title. 9/10 times they delay their titles, because they take pride in their AAA games and always try to get it as close to perfection as possible.

How many times do you hear of a Nintendo title having a game-breaking glitch or in need of serious patching compared to other big-name titles out there?

They've been bringing out a new first-party title from August, and will be doing so until the end of the year. If that's not better compared to the YEARS between first-party releases they did before, I don't know what is.


1.) 3D World would be coming out the month before, so the two would end up battling against each other.

2.) The team could need more time, as they are allegedly working on another project.

3.) This will serve as a tide-over between the beginning of the year and the Spring release of MK8.

abradley1818d ago

They may take pride in there games, that may also relate to them spending more time on development, which I have no problem too. The problem is where is everything else.

All I see are old Nintendo games brought back to life... Again!

I think Nintendo thinks it's still 1990, they can release a couple first party games and everybody will love them. Sorry Nintendo, gamers grow up and require new and more unique experiences. Not the same Mario game released on each system.

KonsoruMasuta1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

That's where games like X, Wonderful 101, and Pikmin come into play.

You also have tons of other non Mario exclusives coming up early next year.

The only mistake Nintendo made is not having these games out sooner.

Realplaya1818d ago

So if you aren't going to support their decision to bring back the usual suspects that means your supporting 3rd party efforts right?

Chrischi19881818d ago

Really now, this is the last time, I am telling you guys, that basically 80% of everything released on a PS3 or Xbox360 is the same, all FPS, oh I want games for older people, so you only play fps, they are all the same, with a different setting, but that is ok, that Nintendo at least has way more genres, which it repeats, that doesnt count, it is so stupid, I cant even find words for this kind of stupidity going on, on N4G. All are totally biased, my console is the best and everytime I hear something about your console, I am going to use it against you, even though that argument fits even stronger to my own console, but I am hiding that fact and act like mine is so much better. This is such a children platform here, N4G, sorry, but get your shit together or go down in near future, because only children and supper fannies of their respective console will be on here and nobody will care about the journalism going on here, then nobody with a functional brain will take you serious anymore.

abradley1818d ago

Hi KonsoruMasuta, Pikmin last time I checked was part of a series, though I admit they haven't milked it as much as some of there other IP's.

Also true on your last remark.

Realplaya, yes third party is a problem, getting them involved seems to have been an issue for Nintendo and support is now wailing. What I'd like to see is more ports of games to the Wii U that use the pad in a unique way.

Chrischi1988, sorry but I didn't even read your whole comment. I'm tired also of arguing with Nintendo fans. Like I said before, I'm no fanboy of any console. Yes 80% if not more of games are ports to other consoles. The problem is Nintendo hasn't got the third party support right now, meaning many of those ports aren't hitting the Wii U, that's bad for any gamer. Add this to the fact that Wii U simply doesn't have many fresh new games up its sleeve and anybody with some common sense should see why the Wii U is a bad investment at the moment.

The_Villager1818d ago

"new and more unique experiences"

This is the exact reason why I keep on coming back to Nintendo. I get sick of constantly playing linear games where all you do is shoot people and move onto the next checkpoint.

abradley1818d ago

The_Villager If I used that same excuse with Nintendo, how long would it take before you tried tearing a whole in it? Many Nintendo games bore me due to there puzzle or platformer nature, that is why I don't like most of the repetitive games Nintendo bring out that look like HD versions of older games.

Most consoles have a big genre they fill well, Nintendo are more platformers and the like, PS & Xbox cater for more Action & FPS, while PC is left with great RPG's & Strategy. So saying you'd rather stick with Nintendo because you get sick of linear games is a little silly. Nintendo games are some of the most linear I've ever come across. At least the ones I've played have been.

JuleyJules1818d ago

What I love is that everyone puts Nintendo down for having, for example, Mario games on every console. Yet they go out and buy every COD, AC (don't get me wrong I liked 3 and have preordered 4), Kill Zone, Mass Effect, Halo game etc etc that keep getting released on PS3 and 360! They need to look at what's in their game library before they put others down for liking games they don't. As for the delay with DKC it's fine with me as it'll be something new in 2014. We keep hearing that after December nothing is coming. Uh, nothing has been dated yet but we heard of a ton of games that are coming. They don't need to tell us all the games as they do need to get people excited for the ones that are coming before Christmas. Bring on the advertising though.

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from the beach1818d ago

They should have made sure Wii U really took advantage of its year head start by having those games ready to go, even if it meant starting much sooner.

However - Super Mario 3D World looks absolutely amazing.

And while it's very, very annoying that Tropical Freeze is delayed, it reminds us yet again, as if we needed reminded, that Nintendo cares more about the quality of its games than the schedule of release - something Microsoft for one could learn from.

clouds51818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Haters gonna hate you know :)

I absolutely agree that Nintendo should have had at least one incredibly looking title ready from the start. But they admitted that they overestimated HD a little bit and I appreciate the honesty. They could have just told us some marketing bullshit but they went ahead and admitted the truth.
But for me personally the fun and gameplay aspect of a game is usually more important than graphics, that's why I love Nintendo. I LOVED DKCR on Wii, it had great art design and the gameplay is amazing. That's worth alot more than high resolution textures in my opinion.
Crysis 3 for example (which I played on my PC in 1080p /w full details) was stunning for 10min and then it got very boring. Never even finished game whereas I can pick up DKCR any day and enjoy myself.

And as always, I'd rather have a game delayed than rushed, unfinished and buggy. You can kill franchises that way, i've seen it happen on PC. Most recently with Rome 2. OMG they fucked that up so hard :D

Ohlmay1818d ago

Super Mario 3D World graphically looks better than any next-gen game I've seen so far, that game is gorgeous. Nintendo doesn't need high end graphics to make their games look good, Super Mario Galaxy is a perfect example of this. SMG looked incredible and it was SD. Nintendo games age well as well, you can't say the same for Playstation/Xbox games.