Microsoft: Turning All Xbox One into Devkits Decided 2 Years Ago, Can Whitelist Players for Testing

Lately Microsoft has been very keen on explaining that most of the innovations announced recently for the Xbox One aren’t “180s”, like many believe, performed to respond to the competition, but decisions taken a long time ago and just unveiled late.

Today Microsoft Studios Partner Creative Director Ken Lobb Explained that the decision to allow every Xbox One unit to be turned into a devkit has been taken two years ago. And that developers can “whitelist” a number of players to run a test code of games in order to help with the Q&A process.

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sobotz1815d ago

I just hope there won't be too much fart apps in store

Cueil1815d ago

5.1 DD and DTS fart sounds... you never know what direction the fart will come from!!!!

egidem1815d ago


On the side of things, turning all Xbox Ones into dev kits is an awesome thing imo.

It's kinda like how every Android phone can be used for app development (testing and debugging) without the need for dedicated development hardware.

Ohlmay1815d ago

Should lead to some really interesting applications and Indie games. I'm interested to see developers use the Kinect, it has potential to be something special.

christocolus1815d ago

i totally agree with you...the new kinect shows great potential

Blachek1815d ago

I believe that the best innovations with the technology will come from indie developers. Too many business dev's want to roll with what they know works, and won't commit to a gamble.

Indie's will be the success of gamers for this generation.

P0werVR1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

I totally agree, and with indies can Kinect turn out to be something fairly unique.

Animal Mutha 761815d ago

It's a great feature that may prove important down the line. K2 is also massively improved. I used it at Eurogamer.

Rainstorm811815d ago

Did anyone ever think the Xbox One dev kit feature was a 180?

I thought they talked about this feature from the beginning

Cueil1815d ago ShowReplies(1)
nukeitall1815d ago

This was already hinted at with XNA. You know the only platform that allows any indie developer to publish for $100 on console.

Free tools, free access for students and self publishing available for years now.

That said, MS is totally against indies. /sarcasm

jessupj1815d ago

I'm a bit confused then.

If this is indeed a 2 year old idea, why did MS try to F over indie devs by requiring them to have a publisher? Serious question.

Mystogan1815d ago

They never required them to have a publisher. We had self publishing years ago. Its called the "Indie marketplace". Only now its all unified.

mhunterjr1815d ago

Microsoft didn't announce their indie plans until after Sony started touting self publishing and indie support.
Microsoft was 'the bad guy' at this time, so a lot of folks assumed Microsoft's newly revealed indie policies were a knee jerk reaction to Sony's.

Considering the complexity of what MS is doing, its pretty silly to think they made it up on the fly within a couple of weeks.

Hicken1815d ago

No, they didn't. It's only been a few months since they announced it. AFTER the big indie hooplah, so to speak.

I'm not buying this. Something they decided two years ago, but it won't be ready until next year? Since it's pretty much a software thing only, wouldn't it have made sense for this to have been developed right alongside whatever developer tools they had in the works? If those dev tools are ready- and I have to assume they are, since devs are using them now to make games- then why isn't this capability ready?

Yeah, I understand there will be some differences(most likely: limitations on the dev kit functionality as opposed to an ACTUAL kit). But they couldn't have been so drastic as to require this much of a delay.

mhunterjr1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

You disproved your own point. Yes this would have to be considered along side any tools they had in the works. So how could they make this up out of the blue over the course of a few weeks?

Throw in the complexities associated with allowing anyone with an Xbox low level access to the system and you've got a puzzle that could take a while to complete.

At a time when the hardware, the firmware, and drivers are still not finalized, don't you think the priority would be getting the console out of the door instead of launching [email protected]?

hakeem09961815d ago

the only 180 they made was the whole publishers thing .

WhyHate1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

They backtracked on being able to trade used games at selected retailers and letting publishers charge a fee for doing so, and sharing disc based retail games over Xbox Live....

These features will be back especialy with the Steam Os console coming, and Sony with their PS4 will follow suit like they always do.

hakeem09961814d ago

i was talking about indie policies .lets stay on topic

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Clarence1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Yeah right.

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