Xbox One: the state of play, according to Microsoft

As part of that feature,edge spoke to Ken Lobb, Microsoft Studios’ partner creative director, to get a sense of what the platform holder’s policy reversals mean for developers and Microsoft’s position in the next gen race. Here’s what he said.

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GamerXD1783d ago

Good guy MS Studio creative director, getting a PS4 despite being a MS staff.

meatysausage1783d ago

I would expect all execs from each company to have all consoles, I know that Albert penello has a Wii U and PS3. Im sure yoshida and the like play other consoles when their not in the office

Cueil1783d ago

most of them are gamers and own all the systems including the Wii... Major Nelson talks about all kinds of games even PS3 games he and the crew have been playing on his podcast

Goku7811783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

In his position why wouldn't anyone do the same thing especially if you do love games (as far as buying a PS4). It's just IMO I expected MS to go all out and be the end all be all system, but they just took a completely different approach this time out. I felt Sony would be Sony, but didn't expect Nintendo to fall so hard.

mcstorm1783d ago

No this is the kind of stuff the fan boys should be reading and taking not of as if you only get one console because you hate another company for what every reason its you that's missing out on some amazing games.

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Chaostar1783d ago

This might be the first bit of Xb One PR I've heard that doesn't leave me feeling lied to, patronised or suspicious. Well done.

jessupj1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

I donno.... Read it again, I'm sure you could find something.

jk, jk.


Chaostar1783d ago

I chose to ignore the stuff about the cloud :)

2cents1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Good job!

Straight talking interview, hardly any PR tag lines and lots of relatable answers.

7 more weeks! Bring it on!


"Do you think the comparisons with PS4 have hurt you in the long run? And did they hurt you in the short term?"

I would have answered... Well you prats didn't help us much with your obnoxious cover, assholes.


from the beach1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Great to see him fly the 'for all games' flag.

It's perfectly natural to prefer one format but really, anyone who's so into games that they check the forums etc. is only losing out by ignoring the rest..

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The story is too old to be commented.