Microsoft's Ken Lobb will buy a PS4 - "I love all of my toys equally," says Xbox One man

"Bickering" about Xbox One vs PS4 doesn't get us anywhere, suggests GoldenEye designer.

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dirigiblebill1694d ago

Good on him. More of this sort of thing, less of all that cloud talk and "we have the best gamez" sniping.

PoSTedUP1694d ago

bickering about xboxone vs ps4 doesnt get MICROSOFT anywhere... >: )~

goldeneye raised me.

guitarded771694d ago

Yeah, it's a new gen, and everyone has to prove themselves all over again. I do like the competition though. It means more games... more content... more features.

Bigpappy1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Are you crazy?! You think M$ should not talk about the Cloud? Just be cause Sony ain't got none? You have any idea how much money and effort went into developing that massive cloud? You guy talk some retarded crap at times.

Blackdeath_6631694d ago

MS are making stuff up like "the cloud will improve the graphics of your games" and nonsense like that they haven't shown a single working example of the cloud they are selling you dreams. (the idea of drivatar has already been implement in games ages ago). they should have focused more on the functionalities that are actually working in practice like the cloud storage,cloud game saves,settings remembered in the cloud,cloud streaming services (like gaikai),massive multiplayer online game world that are synched via the cloud they should have had an MMO cloud launch game etc... trying to makes games look/perform better in the cloud is not logical because that game won't be able to run without internet or without their servers working 24/7, it is technically challenging and would mean they would have to have processors for every XBone they sell

bigboirock1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

@blackdeath seams like you and alot of other people didn't understand how they said how it was going to work..the cloud is not going to improve graphic by its self its going to take off alot of little task off the gpu and cpu that will free up space so those can work harder on graphics. it wont boost it by much tho

edit#"cloud streaming services (like gaikai)"

you didn't read the article about Microsoft streaming halo 4 to a windows phone

ape0071694d ago

Ken Lobb, the Rare veteran, the goldeney/perfect dark enemy model is a legend

FinalomegaS1694d ago

don't hear to much about him anymore..

ape0071694d ago

yes rare is dead and buried, the new rare is Retro Studios, they can do a goldeneye/perfect dark sequel

DKCR was like a dream come true to me

marloc_x1694d ago

Ahh...Perfect Dark on my Jungle Green 64..

Mikelarry1694d ago

Now if we can get the fanboys thinking the same way we would all be in gaming nirvana

Nykamari1694d ago

That will never happen! But I wish it will! Hate is a MuthaF__ka!

Bluepowerzz1694d ago

shut up really who is a fanboy ? ive supported sony for 15 years and they didnt make me leave them forgive me for doing this forgive me for being a bad person

IcicleTrepan1694d ago

lol you're the same as some redneck that 'only drives ford trucks' all his life.

LoveOfTheGame1694d ago

You are a fanboy, see simple answer. Also, you are forgiven by all.

Bluepowerzz1694d ago

but what are you ? a "neutral" gamer on the internet and a xbox fanboy in real life dig a hole and bury yourself in it your the scum of the gaming community

Bathyj1694d ago

Good for him. Seriously, given the last three generations I don't know how anyone can call themselves a gamer and not want Sony's next console.

jackanderson19851694d ago

people that didn't have a preference for sony's exclusives?

Blackdeath_6631694d ago

why would any gamer miss out on some of the greatest games of the generation?

jackanderson19851694d ago

@black.... greatest is in the eye of the beholder... don't get me wrong Sony did have some fantasticly great games but unchartered was revered as amazing, i didn't like it... gran turismo same thing although that's more a general hate for racers... TLOU and God of War were great for me... infamous is good (only getting around to the first game now)... also didn't like KZ.

so it all depends on personal preference.

Hicken1694d ago

If there wasn't ONE PS exclusive that didn't catch your interest, you're not a gamer.

Yeah, I said it.

As a gamer, there should have been at least one exclusive on every console that should have caught your eye(unless you're only into shooters, in which case there was nothing for you on the Wii). I'm sitting here with Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, even with no 360. Got Fragile Dreams and The Last Story, but no Wii.

Let's be honest here: on the PS3, there were more exclusives than anywhere else, and there was a larger variety of them than anywhere else. Multiple franchises(and often multiple entries in franchises) in pretty much every genre.

Even you, yourself, go through multiple genres and come up with three very different games as titles or franchises you liked.

Fanboyism aside, it really IS questionable if you found NOTHING on PS3 worth playing.

jackanderson19851694d ago

@hicken.... i dunno if you're talking to me but i'll reply none the less.... i clearly said TLOU, GoW and infamous (although only starting it now) are great games for me... i said KZ, GT and uncharted did nothing for me, banjo, chromehounds, lost odyssey ... similar on the 360 all the racing games did nothing for me but i enjoy Halo, it's GoW, crackdown and fable.

Hicken1694d ago

Yes, I was talking to you.

Your first statement is that some might not have a preference for Sony's exclusives. I address that first, and then go on to how, in your second comment, you prove my point with the varied list you produce.

I'm not saying that there was nothing that interested you; that would be stupid, since you listed at least three such franchises. It wasn't YOU in particular, but "you" in a general sense. And because of that, it makes your first statement harder to swallow.

jackanderson19851694d ago

ah right well some people are extremely picky... like my brother for example he's no real interest in the PS3 or the PS4... only really plays the zombie games from the COD games or sports games which are all multiplats and his mates are all xbox users and will probably continue to be

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Brix901694d ago

After giving us a console like PS2 I don't understand either.

LoveOfTheGame1694d ago

Jack's got a point, anyone who doesn't prefer Sony's exclusives can easily be put off by the PS4, especially in the first year/confirmed games.

I loved GOW, TLOU, Demon Souls, and MGS4 on PS3, but two are no longer exclusive, while the other two have no followup/successor in the near future.

All I really see is Killzone and Infamous being the main offerings to PS4, right now, and I have never really taken a liking to either.

The same could be said about the original Xbox, that thing was beast.

marloc_x1694d ago

Looking forward to my brother's PS4, just as much as he enjoys my Nintendo exclusives. All are fantastic machines with a rich catalog of games!

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