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Grand Theft Auto V’s online portion of the title launched last night, and the overall experience was what we expected - server issues aside.

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1512d ago
MysticStrummer1512d ago

I'm still not able to play. I got lucky twice and a glitch made me skip the race Lamar takes you to. Both times it happened I was in Solo mode, but it made me spawn in a random place and I was able to roam around the world doing random things. My character wasn't saved either time though.

pr0digyZA1512d ago

I got in and played for an hour, then went on today and see my character is deleted. Will try later on and hope it comes back.

Animal Mutha 761512d ago

That might not be a bad thing. The character generator seems to just chuck out incredibly ugly avatars :)

seanpitt231512d ago

No I cannot get in a game also it just goes on a infinite screen "launching session" before the race.

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