Shuhei Yoshida: No Comment on 3DS Competition; Aims to Boost PS Vita With Games and PS4 Remote Play

Sony Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida isn’t too interested in talking about the direct competition against Nintendo’s 3DS, but he has clear ideas to express on how to increase the installed base of the PS Vita, when asked on what he plans to do to catch up to the 3DS.

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Ohlmay1815d ago

Even Yoshida knows the PSVITA can't compete with the 3DS + Pokemon.

Skate-AK1815d ago

Yeah there is no way. A Monster Hunter would increase sales buy a lot though.

sobotz1815d ago

+ Bravely default and tons of Nintendo 1st party games.

Ohlmay1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Monster Hunter could help the PSVITA, but come on, Pokemon is going to decimate it. Unless they can drop the VITA price to $150 and launch some killer exclusives, I don't see the VITA surpassing the 3DS anytime soon, especially with Smash Bros 3DS on the way as well.

Abriael1815d ago

Or maybe he just care about it being successful on its own right and making a profit.

Aceman181815d ago

At least someone here is looking at the big picture.

PSNintyGamer1815d ago

Have you seen all the things he has said about the Xbox One? And you certainly must remember when Jack Tretton called the 3ds a "baby sitting tool"

Blastoise1815d ago

You're right, what he should have said is...

"There is no way we can compete with Pokemon and the 3DS, we are now discontinuing the Vita because Pokemon means we can't make any more Vita games"


thehobbyist1815d ago

We could always try coexisting.

Skate-AK1815d ago

I am sure Pokemon will. I wasn't disagreeing. They just print money.

Hicken1815d ago

Or maybe, JUUUUUST maybe, he knows they're not actually trying to.

I mean, that'd be just like the PSP and DS. Both handhelds, but still targeting different audiences.

But I guess there's no way that could be it.

LOGICWINS1815d ago

"Or maybe, JUUUUUST maybe, he knows they're not actually trying to."

They aren't trying to because they know they can't. Thats the point. You don't think Sony wants the Vita to have the same success that that 3DS has? OF COURSE they do. They'd be crazy if they didn't. They just know that they haven't gotten it yet(and will likely never get it), so Yoshida intelligently chooses to back down from commenting...which is funny since he loves to take part in Twitter wars defending Sony.

Its similar to the bully at the schoolyard scenario. Once a bigger bully comes into the picture, suddenly the initial bully becomes quiet.

Also, its clear that Sony wants the casual market with Vita.

Why does Sony want a more casual Vita if they SUPPOSEDLY don't care about that market?

Hell, why is Angry Birds Star Wars on Vita? Thats a casual game no?

Admit it. Sony wants EVERYONE with the Vita. They don't have a choice at this point with Vita struggling the way it is.

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coolasj1815d ago

The main source article is great in itself. Save yourself a few clicks over the next couple of days and just read it in full.

grassyknoll1815d ago

You don't have to be number one to be successful. Sales are vanity, profit is sanity.

chrissx1815d ago

Please make a Ps4 + Vita bundle!

Abriael1815d ago

That's coming. Sure as death and taxes.

Thehyph1815d ago

Oh, yeah; no question.

This is why it makes sense to market the device as an accessory to ps4.

Bathyj1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Nice. Some companies are so concerned with their competition, their own house sometimes lacks order. They can't act in their own, they can only react.

Obviously Vita is never going to do 3DS numbers so a cynic might say he just doesn't want to compare the two, but Vita can provide games that no other hand held can. Console quality games and I'm glad Sony continues to compete instead of quitting where they know they can't win.. Ps4 is only going to enhance Vitas value and he would rather focus on that than worry what others are doing.

Yet even though people keep saying competition is good, they act like a Sony handheld shouldn't exist just because it can't be number one. Personally I'm glad there's an alternative.

You stay classy Shu.

Thehyph1815d ago

Well said.

It must be hard to speak publicly about Vita. You need not look further than this site to realize that current Vita owners are opinionated, hardcore gamers. There's conflicting views on ports versus originals, remote play versus dedicated games, and indies versus AAA.

Sure, the Vita may never come close to 3DS, but there are more factors to it than that. The bulk of profit doesn't come from the hardware sale. Many out there either forget or don't seem to know that. The hardware is just a platform to sell games and accessories. The Vita hardware sales, while still lackluster, don't account for the unprecedented attach rate.

I would go so far as to say that if 3DS didn't exist, then Vita would probably have disappeared. If 3DS weren't successful, then any company would be taking a shot in the dark trying to push handheld gaming. The casual user already has a phone, tablet or iPod, and the simple controls and price tag of mobile games are much more appealing than a wealth of buttons and (up to) $40 price of dedicated ones. There are (always) a lot of naysayers out there, but Nintendo is the one still leading the charge.

Nintendo has some signature, successful handheld franchises that will always sell units. Sony does not.

I have no plans on getting rid of my Vita, and I plan on buying a 3DS in the future. This is why I don't much care for comparisons. I want them to be different and have unique games.

Aceman181815d ago

Exactly I knew from day one the Vita would never pass 3DS in sales, but I didn't care because it offers me what I want and it fits comfortably in my hands.

I have some friends who are Nintendo diehards and they're always trying to make fun of my choice of handhelds but I don't let that bother me none.

The Vita has games and features that are perfect for me.

sincitysir11815d ago

As someone with both systems this has got to be the smartest comment I have ever read. I thank you. I'm so tired of Nintendo is long vita is bing. Jeez just enjoy ur system.

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