PS4 indie initiative started more than 2 years ago

GRTV caught up with Zombie Studios' Jared Gerritzen to talk about getting Blacklight Retribution onto PS4.

"About two years ago at E3 we got pulled into a big secret meeting by one of my friends from a previous studio that went to Sony. And they said that they got an initiative to start working with indie developers and he brought me in. And I met with some of their guys and a bunch of devs that all just happen to be doing PlayStation 4 games right now. It was really great getting brought into that, and the first thing that I said though was "if we're going to do this I want to feel the controller", and so a couple months later they had me come down to Sony San Francisco and I got to see the controller and I said absolutely. It's all history now. It's been crazy. We got the rights back for Blacklight on the console and so when we did that... you know, we talked to both [Microsoft and Sony]. And Sony said "we're doing indie development" and it was just kind of one of those things where we had to do it."

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