Battlefield 4 Beta: Graphics cards benchmarks

The first graphics cards benchmarks from Battlefield 4 (Beta) emerged. Website put 16 cards to test and there is a tough battle between Geforce and Radeon with a mild happy end for the green ones.

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AnteCash1748d ago

lol how did this get aproved.....

rodiabloalmeida1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

It's not the video. Click the link. It's from, a famous site that usualy makes benchmarks like this.

windblowsagain1748d ago

From what i've been hearing.

BF4 Needs a ton of optimization.

Dark_Vendetta1748d ago

Wtf? 1080p on a Titan and they "just" got about 70 fps. That's insanely demanding. No wonder they couldn't pull 1080p/60 on the next gen consoles.

joe901748d ago

Thats rubbish. I'm getting around 70FPS on Ultra on a 7970 with a i7 3770k on 1920x1080

thehitman1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Like I said in another article these games dont get properly optimized and people talk and throw around 1080p @60fps like its easy to obtain and everyone should be able to have it. Its far from reality and this should throw some reality in the face of many people who DEMAND those specs.

Looking at that benchmark chart the 7870 which is slightly more powerful than the 7850 ran the game at 40-50 fps at 1080p. Thats the type of settings we should be seeing on the ps4 since the specs of the 7850 are just below the ps4 specs and this is with barely optimization. If DICE developed this exclusivity would probably see another 5-10 FPS jump which is definitely good enough for gaming. Anyone who says otherwise is either spoiled or just bullshitting. Unless your packing a 300-1k dollar card you wont be getting 60fps @ 1080p ultra settings unless they optimized this much more.

starchild1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

What? How?

According to these benchmarks my HD 7950 should average around 58.5 fps, with a minimum of 47. Those are very good framerates. Plus the HD 7950 overclocks like crazy. So with my usual overclock I should be maxing this out at 60+fps.

It's as good as I could have hoped for. I never expected to max out next gen games, so the fact I will be maxing out this one is a happy result.