Sony Confirm Playable PS4 Titles At EB Expo

Sony have finally confirmed the titles that will be playable on PS4 at EB Expo. EB Expo will take place at the Sydney Showgrounds from the 4th to the 6th of October.

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ultralow1815d ago

most 3rd party from both company are run on pc and or dev kits...pretty much all 1st party games are run on dev kits and real hardware..from sony & microsoft..

Blackdeath_6631815d ago

sony was running games on devkits definitely at 1:59 in this video you can see the devkit through the glass under the tv the same one from this picture

jackanderson19851815d ago

also can someone tell me is #driveclub the actual name cuz that # would piss me off seeing it everytime i booted up the game

sinncross1815d ago

I guess hashtags have become part of social networking, especially with stuff liek instagram etc

since the game is essentially about racing in clubs, its like a social network in a sense. maybe that is why they use it.

though sometimes it doesnt appear with the title so maybe not a finalised thing.

cloud4951814d ago

I don't think so since the official box art doesn't have the hashtag.


MethCupcakes1815d ago

Isn't EB and GS the same company?

cloud4951814d ago

Uh yeah, I think GS brought out EB a while back.
But Aus and NZ only have EB stores so that's why it's called EB games expo.

Chevalier1814d ago

Yeah same company. My manager just came back from the expo and he's getting a ridiculous amount of free stuff this fall. He did say the PS4 controller was very awesome and a major improvement compared to the xbox one controller which he said was pretty much a 360 controller. Apparently the PS4 camera is very small and Sony said you will be able to navigate the menu with it like kinect and will also feature voice commands.