When GTA Online works, it’s a cesspool of lawless beauty

"The spirit of graft and of lawlessness is the American spirit."

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jjdoyle1818d ago

had nothin but trouble. try later tonight

JKelloggs1818d ago

I'm not trying again till the next patch is out. Should be out this week I hope

camel_toad1818d ago

Yeh same here. Every time I try, no matter the hour of the day I can't connect.

It's just like when I was a little girl (before becoming a man) and all I wanted was a pony - always out of reach.

3-4-51817d ago

I've yet to have trouble. It's been an awesome experience.

I've done missions with random people who were cool, and there is always at least 2-3 people looking to get everyone else.

It's fun though.

t0mmyb0y1818d ago

I'm going to wait a couple weeks until the kinks are out. I've been taking my time in single player anyways. Screwing around to much lol

RedDevils1818d ago

Lol I almost near 100% completion, so I can mainly play online, but damn I had no luck but keep getting kick out

M-M1818d ago

I still have too much to do in single player even though I beat the story. Hopefully by the time I finish most of the side missions, they'll fix most problems and add a new character creation system.

cell9891818d ago

WHEN IT WORKS lol. I predict by next week

GarrusVakarian1818d ago

Well your predictions are wrong as many people including me and my friends have been playing it all day. Plus, its been more or less fine on 360 since yesterday.

cell9891818d ago

awesome even better, glad I was wrong

CaptainCamper1818d ago

"When it works"..

Note the word "works" lol Just because it's functional for some people, doesn't mean it works :D

PlayStation is still having a total nightmare