Super Smash Bros: Over The Years

Back in the day, there was a particular commercial for a video game that hasn't been seen before on any console and new gameplay.

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truechainz1535d ago

If someone told me I could only choose one game series to play for the rest of my life, Super Smash would be that series.

3-4-51535d ago

* Am I the only one who actually had more fun with the N64 version than with Melee ?

I love them both, but even though there was less of everything, there was a certain special something about the N64 versions that wasn't in Melee.

I never got to play brawl, but I followed it daily prior to release so I understand it's greatness in terms of visuals, characters & music.

There is something special about that first game though.

It was arguably the most fun of the 2 I've played.

kirbyu1535d ago

What? There's no story mode in the first Super Smash Bros.

thissguy1535d ago

they once called me the king for being so good at this series.. once

NihonjinChick1535d ago

Never saw the English commercial for the N64 Smash before. I like it better than the Japanese one.

princejb1341535d ago

lol this commercial made me buy this game when i was like 9 years old
awesome game
smash bros melee is still the best

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