Battlefield 4 Offers Full Slate of Colorblind Assist Options

Gameranx: "Kudos to DICE and EA for providing colorblind players with the option to game without a visual handicap."

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WeAreLegion1723d ago

Very nice. :) I wish all developers would do this. I know Killzone: Shadow Fall will have these options, as well.

There are a few communities/companies who work to adapt games to gamers with any sort of handicap, small or large.

Sketchy_Galore1723d ago

That's good. I have it slightly with red and green. I've never found it be an issue until recently I was playing Zone of the enders HD and at some point where you have to shoot a bunch of small points on a green metal surface I couldn't figure out how you were even supposed to do it with no crosshairs or anything. After cursing out the game and failing repeatedly it occurred to me that there are huge red crosshairs on screen whenever I'm not looking at this green metal wall. I turned down the colour setting on my TV and the crosshairs appeared like magic, as clear as day. It freaked me out how large and clear they were when they had been literally invisible with the colour up.

dcj05241723d ago

Holy crap. Thats scary. A gigantic red crosshair was invisible. Man, that's disturbing. Good thing battlefield has color blind options.

3-4-51723d ago

Well I'm glad they thought of people like you to include this then.

I've played a few games with colorblind options and the gamers who it affected hugely appreciated this option.

Detoxx1723d ago

Im playing with colorblind on even though i dont suffer from it. It just looks cool

EL Lanf1723d ago

Bf3's colourblind was way better and I dont suffer from it either. Nice crisp icons without blindingly bright colours. Now in BF4 we get a nice variety too which I think is cool. It's nice to so see DICE really open up the game's accessibility like this.

JsonHenry1723d ago

I think it makes it easier for people who are not colorblind as well. (maybe it is just me?) Try it out and see if it helps you as well.

jjdoyle1723d ago

options do help. undecided on this though.