GameStop reduces Xenoblade price to $70, Metroid Prime Trilogy to $60

When GameStop restocked Xenoblade and Metroid Prime Trilogy, the two were priced at $90 and $85 respectively.

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wishingW3L1816d ago

it seems that they are not selling. XD

no_more_heroes1816d ago

why does Xenoblade cost so much?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1816d ago

There are very few copies in circulation in NA. It's a rarity and an amazing game.

Yi-Long1816d ago

Because there's an intentional scarcity to keep those prices sky-high, because (I think) it was exclusive to 1 chain.

Anyway, ridiculous pricing like this is why people decide to mod their consoles and download those games instead. If you can't find the game you want anywhere, or not for a normal price, you will look at alternatives.

WilliamH1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Xenoblade is a good game but definitely not worth that money. Don't be a fool people.

syne491816d ago

Value is relative to the individual. You can get well over a 100 hours out of Xenoblade. In a gaming world where titles barely break the 8-10 hour mark thats a great thing. I have paid more for less time personally. Also considering what you will pay elsewhere for this game 70 isn't so bad really. That being said I do not support gstop holding back copies to sell for higher prices. I find that to be pretty heinous.

Concertoine1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

Hmm i might be metroid prime trilogy for 60. Its their damn stickers that annoy me! Theyre impossible to get off without ruining the case, and im out of replacement cases.
Edit: Since when do they sell their OWN SKU of metroid prime trilogy?! Theyre selling it without the steelbook or any of that, just a wii case and game. Its not worth crap without the real packaging!

MNGamer-N1816d ago

Sometimes I'll use Goo-Gone or rubbing alcohol to take the sticker residue off. It is a very fine art to have the patience to slowly try to peel the sticker off without tearing it :P

Concertoine1816d ago

Does that work well? I always heard that but i imagine it still leaves an irritating mark

4logpc1816d ago

I'd like to know where all of these versions of the game popped up from. Prime Trilogy was only made in steel book.

Neonridr1816d ago

my copy is in a steel book with a clear plastic sleeve that goes over the outside. Best purchase for my Wii hands down.

RyanShutup1816d ago

I'd wait for the WiiU HD remasters which will inevitably come once Nintendo sees how well WWHD does. ;)

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