Rumor | Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus Coming To PS Vita, Mobile Phones

ESRB seems to have spilled the beans (once again) on an upcoming PS3 title coming to platforms previously unannounced.

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iXenon1749d ago

I hope it performs better on Vita than Full Frontal Assault did. There was a trainwreck.

TomShoe1749d ago

Lol Tower Defense.

In seriousness, this would be a great game to come to Vita though. Hopefully the Vita's user base will increase with the addition of the cheaper Vita and the Vita TV.

Hope there's cross-buy for this game.

Starbucks_Fan1749d ago

Would love to get the Vita version since I'm selling my PS3 towards a PS4

xKugo1749d ago

Yea right. PlayStation games don't go to other platforms ever since Xbox entered the market. I highly doubt the R&C franchise ventures off. It's highly improbable.

iXenon1749d ago

ESRB has a pretty good track record with being right

xKugo1749d ago

Idk, we'll see soon enough I guess. I would be shocked if I'm wrong, though. Losing exclusives just isn't something Sony does.

WeAreLegion1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

There's already a Ratchet & Clank mobile phone game. It was on older phones. I had it.

There was a God of War game, too.

Kingthrash3601749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

the makers of r&c have dipped into ms ranch bowl with that cartoony game for xb1 so its not too far fetched....i mean alot of devs have moved onto other platforms i.e. gta,mgs,ff,kh all were sony exclusives at 1 point...same coming around to sony with masseffect,bungies moved on w talks and r&c are no exception....look at allstars br getting a spin off ONLY on yeah totally probable. id love to see it on the vita!

Lucreto1749d ago

The only difference between those titles and Ratchet is that Sony owns the Ratchet IP.

Caffo011749d ago

R&C is owned by Sony, not Insomniac.. the majority of IPs you mentioned were owned by a third party publisher/developer.

Kingthrash3601749d ago

oh yeah, lol yall are right, i stand corrected.....but i was 80% wrong psasbr is owned by sony and has a mobile spin off....but u guys are spot on about r&c.

colonel1791749d ago

Recently got my PS Vita and I am loving it. However, what I hate about it, is that Sony only ports PS3 games to PS Vita. The most outstanding PS Vita games are the ones that were created for it, like Gravity Rush and Tearaway. If they are going to make PS3 games for PS Vita, at least it should be like Killzone Mercenaries. It's not the exact game, but a PS3 franchise converted and made for PS Vita. It's just like Nintendo do with their IPs. There is Mario Wii and Mario 3DS, but they are different games.

It would suck that Sony will only use the Vita for streaming PS4 games now and call it a day. Port indie games to PS Vita and call it another day. It shouldn't be like that. The handheld has so much potential.

TongkatAli1749d ago

Persona 4 Golden is a must buy.

colonel1791749d ago

definitely. I just finished Gravity Rush today. Next will be Persona and then Killzone, then Tearaway.

Nabbic1749d ago

I clocked 105 hours into P4G, and I still need to do a third run.
You should be fine until Tearaway gets released.

I'm waiting for Dragons Crown myself, 9 days from EU release.

leahcim1749d ago

Uncharted GA too, best game of the VITA (its free for ps+)

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The story is too old to be commented.