Interview: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

When the original Quake came out in 1996, the only way you could play against your friends was on PC, but thanks to integrated Internet access, online gamers can play the latest entry in id's sci-fi first-person shooter series with a controller as easily as they can with a keyboard. In Enemy Territory: Quake Wars -- which id and Activision will be bringing to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 27 after months on the PC -- gamers can team up to defend Earth from the invading Strogg army, or can join together to overthrow those pesky humans.

While the basic gameplay is staying the same, there will be some differences, and not just in the controls, as Crispy Gamer found out when they spoke to Executive Producer/Chief Technology Officer Bill Chinn and Associate Producer Shin Ohyama of Underground Development, which is doing the PS3 version, and Designer Greg Stone of Nerve Software, which is developing the 360 edition.

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