GTA Online User-Created Content Coming This Fall

Today GTA V's online mode GTA Online goes live and players can play with their friends in the persistent and ever changing world. Rockstar wrote a new article to share with fans additional details of the game and what's coming to the online gaming world. The developer mentioned a Content Creator tool which allows you to create your own gameplay content, will is planned to release this fall.

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TheSaint1814d ago

Lol, I'm sure it'll work perfectly as well. /s

Sam Fisher1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Fix the shit first

Wizziokid1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )


Wizziokid1814d ago

When does a working GTA Online come out first?

ChronoJoe1814d ago

Glorified beta.

It seems they delayed the release to preserve a solid critical reception at launch. Broken multiplayer component wouldn't have reflected well on review scores.

Also just because it's typical / common for developers / publishers to release their games in a broken state, does not mean it's okay. A beta (closed or otherwise) would have surely made GTAV's online debut much smoother.

Chuk51814d ago

It's been out for a day. How about we accept the very real fact that online games almost always have rough starts. Compound that with the fact that it's the biggest game of the year trying some fundamentally ambitious things, I think it would be wise to just but GTAO on the back burner until the weekend.

nick3091814d ago

I wish i could've played the online missions offline... See the problem with always online/MMOS?