RGN Daily News #58 – Half-Life 3 Coming Sooner Than We Think?

Jon of RealGamerNewz writes, "In today's episode of RealGamerNewz RGN Daily News #58, the crew is busy catching up on their reviews (whip cracking sound) and the Editor-In-Chief (myself Jon Ireson AKA Hitman0769) take up the task of speaking both my mind and the information about today's latest. Main topics include the Nintendo Direct event, Ubisoft implementing a Mission Rating system for direct user feedback, GTA Online frustrating impatient gamers worldwide, a bunch more, and of course Valve making headlines yet again.

- Top News Stories of October 1, 2013

- Valve’s ‘Half-Life 3 Core’ Listed and Removed from Bug Tracker on Valve Developer Blog

- Steam Controller Getting Hate, But Actually Pleasing Those Who’ve Tried It

- GTA Online Servers Need Time to Handle Load, Rockstar Warned Everyone

- RGN Improvements and Innovations Behind-the-Scenes

- Ubisoft Implements User Feedback In-Game; Forum Jockeys Eat Your Heart Out

- And More"

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