Battlefield 4 - "Xbox 360 vs PC" & "Ultra vs Low" Comparisons

DSOGaming writes: "The beta phase of Battlefield 4 is currently under way, and today we bring you some comparison videos between the Xbox 360 and the PC version, as well as comparisons between the game's Low and Ultra settings for the PC."

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ATi_Elite1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

1. Why? why even bother with this comparison

2. even on Low the PC version looks better

3. Compare PC Ultra Nvidia to PC Ultra AMD.

4. Frostbite 3 scales very well and what separates Low from Ultra is AA and a lot of post processing effects

MooseWI1812d ago

Ultra on Nvidia will be the same as Ultra on AMD...

duplissi1812d ago

LOL... ultra settings for both amd and nvidia will look the same. what ails you?

sinjonezp1812d ago

Ultra settings are ultra settings. The only thing you can measure on PC is frames per second. Will AMD cards have better frame rates compared to Nvidia is the question. Some games run better on AMD, and some run better on Nvidia. Its about the developers tools and how they optimized there code. But you can't compare graphic quality because ultra is .....ultra.

duplissi1812d ago

it is an AMD optimized game, and early reports indicate that the game does indeed run better on AMD.

xKugo1812d ago

Ultra will look the same on AMD and NVidia GTX cards. There is a possibility of a performance(fps) disparity but that's all. Ultra settings such as 4xMSAA, post-processing, ambient occlusion, textures, exc. are universally the same across all cards so long as the hardware is capable.

Beastforlifenoob1812d ago

There may be a tiny difference in different techs (e.g. Nvidia has PhysX, HBAO, TAXX, etc, etc) and im sure AMD have some aswell.
Other than that it will be practically the same and even after what i mentioned above it will look very,very,very similar.

Lior1812d ago

Playing bf4 on consoles, that's a noob move hahahaha

Gamer19821811d ago

Youtube is very bad for comparisons thanks to fps lock plus it also scales down meaning xbox actually looks better than it is. Comparison vids are best left for other websites. Also there comparing close up with xbox to far away with pc to try to make xbox look better just watch..

kingduqc1811d ago

3. Compare PC Ultra Nvidia to PC Ultra AMD.

This clown. lol

tee_bag2421808d ago

Stupid comparison. That's a low spec laptop. Mid spec would have been a 770m or something.

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jhoward5851812d ago

WOW, The xbox BF4 actually look better than I thought.

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Beastforlifenoob1812d ago

Its because Youtube compresses video.

1080p vs 720p is a huuuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeee difference that you cant tell from youtube.

SlapHappyJesus1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Being that I have yet to preorder on PC, I tried a bit of the beta on 360.
I thought it it was a blurry mess with jaggies absolutely everywhere. That's not even the PC gamer in me talking . . . that's just what it looks like. That's even playing on a 23" monitor.
I promise you that these videos tell a different story than what is actually on offer with the 360 version. It really does look better in these videos than it does playing it.

AlexanderNevermind1812d ago

As a PC/PS3 player I got the PS3 beta yesterday and I'll extend that blurry mess comment to the PS3 as well. I'm going to try the PC version tonight (just got my email to log into origin for the Beta).

As far as the console fan in me, I am very interested in seeing what the final specs will be on the PS4/X1 versions. If it is closer to the PC specs or the current gen specs.

TomShoe1812d ago

Looks OK, though I'd rather wait for next gen to witness it's full potential.

elmaton981811d ago

That what I thought when I saw this comparison and, having played the bf4 beta on ps3, I can tell you that it looks better on 360 (by this video anyway).

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CRAIG6671812d ago

Neither impress me tbh.

Gamer19821811d ago

Play on a PC on ultra its looks 10X better than this vid trust me I played yesterday. Looks amazing plays at 60FPS on my 7970 haswell machine on ultra 4X MSAA @1080P :)

CRAIG6671811d ago

I know man, Youtube should create a proper HD gaming section, their compression methods are no longer usable for show casing modern graphics imo.

jamstorr861812d ago

Pc purchase for me. Recently starting to feel uninspired by the current gen visuals. Likely due to all the exposure to recent pc games and videos of next gen titles

Bolts1812d ago

The inability of nextgen to hit 1080p on all titles is simply put, pathetic.

1080p isn't hard or technically demanding. If you can't do 1080p on your console then you're not nextgen.

I'm at a total lost on why BF4 and Assasin Creed 4 are in 720p.

AliTheSnake11812d ago

Assasin's Creed 4 is 1080p on Next gen

solar1811d ago

hey man the PS4 is a Supercharged PC. better than all PC's in the world rolled up into one. like a Purrito

Jneal71811d ago

No, the PS4 is already old tech. The GPU is capable of about 1.8 teraflops. That's only slightly better than a 7850. It's hardly "supercharged." Although, devs will be able to make games look better than they would on any 7850 because console games are optimized like crazy.

solar1811d ago

I was being sarcastic Jneal :-). I just love that characterization of old technology

Skate-AK1812d ago

And PC looks better in every way. The lighting is way better. The water looks way better. The dust after the building collapse looked better. On consoles the dust is like a haze but on PC there is individual dust clouds inside the main one. The clouds in the sky are grouped together more on consoles than PC.

Computersaysno1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Entire effects ripped out of the console version. The car fires don't even give off smoke but there is a tonne of volumetric cloud on PC from fires and the building. Much better water, much better sky box, much better character fidelity and textures. Much more subtle lighting effects and shadows very evident in the shots of the character closeups where we also see all these particle effects misting the air in the background near the crates on the PC version. Far better modelling on the gloved hand and arm and weapons and buildings.

This is obvious even from an awful low bit rate YouTube video and discounts the fact the resolution and framerate and total lack of screen tearing and far superior anti aliasing on PC alone makes the game look much nicer when you play it in person.

Duh. It's the PC version. It'll always look way better. Battlefield 3 looked way better.

Can't say it's like the cutting edge because in 2 years since BF3 we have had even better looking PC games like Crysis 3 and last light etc but it looks good enough for purpose.

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