PS3 System Update 4.50 Live Now - Download Links Here

PlayStation System Update 4.50 Live Now. Download links now available.

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ftwrthtx1691d ago

Not sure why we need to hide trophies.

knifefight1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

So that they don't get stolen!

Also, so is there a way to turn trophies off?

Baka-akaB1691d ago

Some of us likes tidy things . And having a bunch of 0% from games you decided to not play , at least yet , is annoying

ftwrthtx1691d ago

While discussing the ability to hide trophies with my daughter, we came to the consensus that this will prevent people from knowing when you unlocked a trophy.

This is probably due to the online auction PlayStation recently had where you bid with Gold trophies.

yewles11691d ago

"PlayStation Network" changes to "PSN" in the XMB for a visual change so far...

ftwrthtx1691d ago

New privacy settings as well.

N4GCB1691d ago

IT should have turned to SEN though right?

Because they changed psn to sen.

Someone goofed up.

N4GCB1691d ago

Nope I'm wrong but not wrong, psn is a sub category of sen but you access sen to get psn on your console, so it should still be labeled sen and not psn.

Baka-akaB1691d ago

it is more likely they werent ready to change that drastically the name on everyone , mid consoles life . Probably later on with the coming of the ps4

Majin-vegeta1691d ago

Will update after done playing with the BF4 having too much fun blowing up people xD.

Blackdeath_6631691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

so its not mandatory? that's good it can wait till after the bf4 beta

xKugo1691d ago

Great to see they're making auto downloads available for everyone(I've had them since PS+ came out). Hopefully this will carry over to PS4, even though 95% of people will have Plus anyway. Such a good service after all...

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The story is too old to be commented.