The Playable Roster for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

The latest Dragon Ball Z game will have a cast of over 70 playable.

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Snookies121750d ago

Not being able to transform just killed my enthusiasm for this game... I might pick it up at some point, but man that sucks so bad.

tayz1750d ago

i know! what were they smoking when they decided this!?! they should have let us transform and also pick them separate, if we wanted to. i liked tenkaichi 3 where you could power down if you picked like ss2 goku to regular goku or power up from ss2 to ss3!

GdaTyler1750d ago

That's what we need: DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 PS4

Oneirous1750d ago

Red hair dude man looks like Crono.

Skate-AK1750d ago

That's Goku. Not sure why he has red hair though.

maniacmayhem1750d ago

This is his God mode, think of it as the true Super Saiyen 4 and not that crap GT threw at us.

DxTrixterz1750d ago

It's Goku in the new Super Saiyan mode Super Saiyan God that first appeared in DBZ Battle of Gods movie.

Skate-AK1750d ago

Ah thank you guys. Bubz for both.

maniacmayhem1750d ago

Boggles my mind that you can't power up your characters and have them transform into a higher state.

Seriously, who is going to pick regular Goku over SS3 or even SSG?!

Xof1749d ago

Who will pick regular Goku over the others?


Every single time.

Only the least mature fans out there are still masturbating to the "most powerfullest" transformations like SSJ3/4, Broly, etc.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1750d ago

man wheres gogeta and vegeto? 2 badass right there. i think even stronger then god goku. to bad it wasnt in the Movie.

AceBlazer131750d ago

I can't be the only one that thought battle of gods sucked. and to make a game of it?

jetlian1750d ago

it was ok. god saiyan wasnt that strong. now theres 12 more stronger than goku. loved buu when he licked all the drinks

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