Our reaction to today’s Nintendo Direct and Donkey Kong delay

Gimme Gimme Games shares their thoughts on today's Nintendo Direct presentation.

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Reeze1750d ago

My opinion of Super Mario 3D World has greatly changed. The Nintendo Direct showed lots more footage, and I love the new cherry power-up. The new Kirby game also looks interesting...

ChickeyCantor1750d ago

The whole "Now we have transparent tubes, LOOK AT IT LOOK!!!!!" in the first presentation almost killed it for me.

The focus Iwata gives on certain "features" is just bad. This new video looks waaaaay better.

thomasmiller1750d ago

Mario 3d world is going to be so awesome! I cannot wait or this title!! sorry trolls, it's just the same old thing!! NOT!! this game is going to rule!

jakmckratos1750d ago

Kirby and Super Mario 3D look great...I could care less for DOnkey Kong anyway...and WHERE IS THE WII U POKEMON GAME!!