Review of The Wonderful 101 [HalfBeard's HUD]

HalfBeard finds The Wonderful 101 to be something far less than wonderful.

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Neonridr1813d ago

Wow, 2/5 seems a little harsh. Clearly not your kind of game, which is understandable. Not everyone likes these types of games. Personally I am loving this game to death. Most of the other reviewers tend to agree as well.

deafdani1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

What an awful review. Basically, the author doesn't know how to play the game, because he didn't pay attention to it, and then proceeds to blame the game for his own incompetence.

Protip: play with the right analog stick, AND LEARN TO USE IT. You won't get the hang of it in 20 or 30 minutes, but once you master it, you'll be pulling off combos left and right. I had absolutely no issue drawing any of the shapes with the right stick, except for the bowgun, which was pretty much impossible on the stick, but that power comes only at the very end of the game and it's not essential at all, so... big deal?

Learning to activate the unite morphs with the right stick and chaining Unite Morph combos together that way is no different than learning power moves on a fighting game like Street Fighter. This only shows that Wonderful 101's combat has much more depth to it than just mashing a button and let something happen on screen as a result (yes, it has that as well, but it also has more complex moves that actually makes the game more engrossing if you bother to learn them).

He also complains that many enemies can knock you off in a single hit, forcing you to try and re-draw the powers again. Again: LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE GAME. There are block moves, there are counter moves, and there are evasion maneuvers, and not all of them work equally on all the enemies. This game is not only about figuring out how best to beat an enemy to a pulp, but also how best to evade / counter an enemy if the situation needs it. The "jelly" block move, for example, is great for direct physical attacks (punches, for example), but is absolutely useless against electrical attacks (those can be blocked by drawing the sword and using it as shield, it even reflects the electricity back to the enemy)!

Regarding camera problems: I can concede that yes, the camera work is not the best on this game, but it's also far from being broken. There are some occasional annoying instances where an enemy goes off-screen and attack you from there, but that aside, the camera is almost always well centered and focused on the group of superheroes. It's not as big a deal as the author makes out to be. Oh, and also: on non-combat sections, you can zoom in and out with the camera using the shoulder buttons, but I guess that, again, the author didn't really pay attention to the game and he's one of these people that NEED a game to tell him a thing a thousand times to finally "get it".

But I guess the author of this review is just awful at playing action games, because you really don't need to be the most hardcore of hardcore players to figure all of this stuff out; only a bit of patience and analitical capabilities to figure things out, which I guess the author sorely lacks.

This is by far the worst Wonderful 101 review I've read. Seriously, what a joke.

gpturbo811813d ago

your couple paragraphs alone hold more weight than halfbreed, and i can trust what you say because you play this alot.

iplay1up21813d ago

LMAO, the only bad reviews of this game are from people that do not pay attention the first hour of the game and get frustrated. The game looks and plays great and does nor apologize for not holding your hand like most games do. Put your big boy pants on
I grew up with games that did not walk you though start to finish and The internet was new and offered nothing in the way of help. Guess what I still beat an awful lot of games. Try super Metroid or Super Star wars, better yet Ghouls and Ghost. Those are some of the highest rated games of that Gen, and all very difficult, and then tell me how hard The Wonderful 101 is. Again lmao. 101 is Great.

gpturbo811813d ago

spoken like a true half breed. they'll let anybody write a "review" these days