GTA Online server strain: 8 things to do while you wait

What does one do when the most anticipated online experience of the year doesn't work?

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mgszelda11691d ago

Play the single player :S


Already done 100% and 70 Gold medals so now what?

GentlemenRUs1691d ago

I'm in the same boat... I love how people can say that...

I think I'll go find another game to play, Rockstar have really gone down hill...

RioKing1691d ago

^You're kidding, right?

mgszelda11691d ago

Do u have any responsibilities? Cuz they probably have been neglected


I'm reading to become Network Supporting IT infrastructure specialist otherwise it all comes down to priorities. :)

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mgszelda11691d ago

Just because u ppl have enough free time to close yourself off from tee world doesn't mean i do. Christ the game is over 60 hrs with side missions included. Its been two weeks. Go outside

Kane221691d ago

swear you guys make it seem like gta5 is the only game made. play another damn game seriously. eventually the online will be stable but until then go do something else.

isa_scout1691d ago

You're right there are other games besides GTAV, but after waiting well over 2 years I think most gamers(including myself) have a right to be a bit upset that the biggest thing that Rockstar touted about isn't working at all. If you spend over $60.00 on a videogame you shouldn't have to play something else.Period

Seraphemz1691d ago

you paid 60 bucks for the game...and you played it. Its only the online that isnt working. And thats not what you paid 60 bucks for.

And it WILL work..just give it time. kids are ridiculous.

isa_scout1691d ago

Love phantom disagrees, how about telling me in which way my comment was wrong??? GTAV is still an awesome game, but R* needs to get this Online up and running ASAP. Just did the intro scene(before it froze and kicked me after waiting 5 minutes) and it seemed like this online is gonna be great.