Grand Theft Auto Online's Character Creator Is Clever, But Very Clunky

Push Square: "The best and worst thing about Rockstar games is that they’re different. As noted in our review, Grand Theft Auto V is an exceptional adventure, with the kind of attention to detail that you simply wouldn’t find in any other release. However, it’s also letdown – no matter how slightly – by the fact that it’s a bit of a pain to play. The combat mechanics are a mess, the controls are less intuitive than a MicroKorg without labels, and the game occasionally gets bogged down in its own city simulation aspirations. The same criticism is true of Grand Theft Auto Online’s character creation component."

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AusRogo1698d ago

Wouldn't know because it freezes on the character customisation :(

Mikeyy1698d ago

I tried to make a character 3 times yesterday and they don't save. The servers where just not functioning at all.

No big deal I think they were all ugly anyway. I can't find a face I like.