Terraria 1.2 Released, Game Leaves 20 Month Hiatus

Digibytes- Terraria was without update for 20 months, however Oct 1 marked the day 1.2 was released! Featuring loads of new content Terraria 1.2 delivers.

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dedicatedtogamers1724d ago

I booted this up today. SO MUCH has been added. New music, new enemies, new weather, better mobility (you can run up/down "stairs" now, finally), new weapons, new ores, new biomes, new backgrounds, new crafting recipes, new dungeons, etc. etc. etc.

Definitely makes an excellent game even better.

SlyGuy1724d ago

Looks like it's time for me to start another game then. :D

AceofStaves1724d ago

Time to revisit the game then.