New Battlefield 4 Trailer Showcases the Beta Map, Classes, Modes, Destructible Environments and More

EA DICE just released a new and rather lovely trailer of Battlefield 4, this time showcasing the beta that has just begun today.

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HarryB1603d ago

After I experienced this beta I'm tired of bf4. I run bf3 on ulta settings. I can't get passed 30 fps in bf4. I'm not preodering even if they fix the game. And my pc runs a gtx 660 ti. I can circles around ps4 and xbox with the hardware I have. And I hate cod.

aceitman1603d ago

@harry u know its a beta right , betas are the start of fixing things that are not working right.

HarryB1603d ago

Come on man. I had to buy fucking medal of honor shit fighter to get this beta. And its unplayable. Dice should have tested the game on regular pcs. I know its a beta. I cant play the mother. Its stutters everywhere even on low. I tried the beta drivers.

ZeroX98761603d ago


I have a 670 GTX and I'm getting some hiccups too. But just like you said, a beta is what it is. an old stable enough build to make the matchmaking works and in the same time straining a bit the servers to get prepared for the real launch.

FATAL1TY1603d ago

BF 3.04 + bad optimization -_-

cyclindk1603d ago

And it has been specifically stated that certain graphics settings are not only unavailable, but patches hammer out all the performance issues generally...

As a PC gamer I would imagine you would understand this.. odd

HarryB1603d ago

Ill give it another try. But I really wanted to play this beta.

cyclindk1603d ago

I am doing PS3 beta now and it is not terrible, like a refined BF3 in many ways, so I imagine the PC visuals and fluidity should be much more welcome.

Can you reduce any settings at all to get a performance boost out of it at least temporarily?

sevilha821603d ago

When are you people gonna learn the diference between a beta and a demo,this is an old build,problably the one from E3.So old your freaking horses.
I admit after a entire day playing the beta i agree that fells like a dlc pack from bf3 with a few new stuff,but rest asure that the final product will be far superior,especially in the new gen,dont worry and be pacient.

MooseWI1603d ago

You're trolling real hard. I even have a 670 and it's bad. It's just a problem with the drivers.

TheFutureIsBlue1603d ago

Anyone that played the bf3 beta knows how fucked up and hilarious it was and how the final game was nothing like it. Calm down, I'm sure they will fix everything.

mhunterjr1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

You signed up to be a beta tester, not to get early access to a stable product. If you can't handle playing through unfinished code, you shouldn't have signed up.

"They should have tested it on regular pcs" uh.. that's what the beta is for... smh

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Lionalliance1603d ago

How do you get the ps3 beta?

sevilha821603d ago

If you´re bf3 premium or you bought medal of honor,go to the store ,demos,shooters and it´s there,if not it will available to everyone in the fourth of Octobre

aceitman1603d ago

it go's public on the 4th of oct.

R1V3N1603d ago

Have you submitted your experience as feedback? stating PC specs and when its occurring etc? no, then shut up that's what Betas are for....fixing

somedude3421603d ago

i played the beta on ps3. i gotta say i wasn't impressed. and for some reason when i choose the support class, i cant knife or switch to secondary. and worst of all, when i "toggle" triangle, my right analog becomes useless and i have to "toggle" back just to be able to use it.

game sucks

one2thr1603d ago

Its a "beta", its to be expected... Be grateful you got/get the chance to participate, hopefully you'll do your job and report your problems to DICE, as they want YOUR feedback, based on your experience with the "beta"...

denimsky1603d ago

So did you report the bugs that you found? That's what a beta tester is supposed to be.

dcj05241603d ago

Good. So make it not suck by reporting your problem. That's what beta tester does right?

isa_scout1603d ago

BF3 beta wasn't very polished either. The graphics sucked,framerate stuttered, and glitches galor but I knew going in that it was a beta, and not representative of the final product. I have the utmost confidence in DICE, that's why I bought and played BF3( still playing it now) and that's why I'll be picking up BF4 on the 29th. It's a beta not a demo...Some people sadly don't know the difference.

seanpitt231603d ago

Yes and the bf3 retail copy sucked on ps3 for months and numberous of patches later.

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